Thursday, August 6, 2009

Want some gum?

Otsuu’s father: Who’d eat that kid’s stuff?
Gintoki: The best way to live a full life is to be a child, no matter what your age.

Hi! This is a Gintama quote. (By the way the one who says the first thing was Gintoki.) Welcome to my new blog! I hope you'll enjoy it. ^_^ Well, I felt a lot better today. So, I got up early. Thinking I cleared up the problem with my computer yesterday, I went to try and read some of Naruto. Low and behold, it still had some issues. So, I updated Explorer and Java, and seems to going well now. Although, I've noticed, I seem to only have the problem for a bit after I turn it on. A little while later it seems fine. Hopefully what I did today will make it so it doesn't start with those stupid problems! Since I was updating a lot, I didn't have a chance to do much.

So, while it was updating I got to read some of Poe. I started reading the story of Ligeia. It sounds of creepy. Most of the stories and poems that are a compilation of Poe's works have seemed to be more about romance than about horror. Although, he does get on the surreal side of things too. I think the scariest ones so far was about blood raining down from the sky, and another one about a guy who was so obsessed with someone's teeth he took them from her corpse, of course after digging her out of her grave. Others were about either dying for a loved one, playing a card game with the devil (that one was actually funny!), or just about loving someone. Ligeia sounds weird because he's talking a lot about what he calls 'weird' characteristics of her face. That she's like an angel. Yet, I think she's already dead. Don't know haven't read enough to confirm it. ;P

Naruto: Shippuuden had a new episode today. :) I like how Tobi's always trying to make Deidara annoyed with him. He must be putting on a goody two shoes act, because he wouldn't be in the Akatsuki otherwise. :D So, far he seems like he does nothing but annoy Deidara. I'm waiting for him to change. Deidara wanted to kill Orochimaru so when he heard Sasuke did it he got really pissed. The Akatsuki captured the 4 tails, although they didn't show the fight. I liked how the 3 tails was captured. By the way, each bijuu (or tailed beast) has an animal attributed to it. There are 9 of them. The first one has one tail and is either a raccoon dog or racoon. The 9 tails host is Naruto, which is a 9 tailed fox. Most of the bijuu are put into a host body and are called jinchuuriku. There's only been one so far they didn't really have a host if I remember, and that was the 3 tails. This was a turtle, but a powerful one! I like how even Pein calls Jugo Bipolar! I don't know why that's entertaining to me, but it is. :P The opening credits were showing the memorable moments in the 2 series and movies. It was kind of cool to look at. Sasuke's group made it to his clan's weapon and medicine storage facility. They met Denka and Hina. They look like a tiger and a 'raccoon dog'. They're really ninja cats. Sasuke's present for them was catnip. :D Granny cat's a really odd character. She has a ton of ninja cats around her at all times. Someone said there wasn't anything they could give Jugo for clothing. He took a curtain from the wall and covered it over himself. :P It was kind of funny looking! I love how Jiraiya likes to tease Naruto. It's great. At the end of the episode, Konoha decided on taking 2 teams to locate and detain Itachi and to find Sasuke in the process. The extra at the end was funny! It was about how Hinata is always saying Naruto- kun. So, they went through all her emotions (like when she's angry, sad, happy, etc.) and each one she said the same thing to only in a different tone, and she realized it too. ^_^

Since I'm towards the end of Nabari no Ou, I decided to save that for tomorrow. :P In Gintama, the next contest was on how 'charismatic' the characters can be. They had to hit on Otsu while they were in a sim of their choosing. Someone had to narrate it all. For Toshi's team, Sougo was the narrator. It was hilarious! :D They decided to have the scene at a bar. Sougo was giving a very long monologue, and Toshi started to flip Sougo off discreetly, by tapping his middle finger really fast on the bar. Toshi's sim was a Laputa parody. Yamazaki was dressed as a girl, and tried to talk like one. There were referrences to Ghibli films all over the place. It ended with the title Hotel in the Sky instead of Ghibli's Castle in the Sky. :P For Shinpachi, Gintoki was the narrator. The decided to have the sim be a Saiyuki parody. (Originally about the Chinese story "Journey to the west" about a Monkey King, a monk, a pig monster, a water demon, and an Ox king.) Shinpachi's role was as the Monkey King. Sinpachi's group wins the match! :D

I signed up for an account on the JLPT website. Now, I just have to register for the test. Level 4 (which is the lowest level, weird.) is only $40 to take. Not bad considering some of the other tests I've done or heard about. It will be held in December and at the UW. Apparently, they're extremely secretive about what you can do after the test. You're not allowed to talk about what was on it to anyone! o_O Creepy! It was kind of cool for the option of where you learned it from you can say self- studied. Although, that means that there are others like me! :D I have to study hard! We also had our carpet cleaned, and it took much longer than we were expecting.

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