Sunday, August 16, 2009

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.

A quote from Anton Chekhov. Hi! Well, for the most part my 'brain shivers' were pretty much like yesterday. Last night was a little different though. As soon as my head hit the pillow, my ears started to pound really hard. It was like someone was trying to get out. It happened everytime those 'shivers' happened. Didn't get to sleep until like 2 hours after I tried to go to bed. Although, I slept like a baby. Weird! o_O It was a pretty good temperature today outside, too.

I went to use my computer this morning and it basically died on me. It didn't let me into anything, the log in screen was messed up and without touching anything it told me it couldn't load the programs. (This is at the login page.) Crazy! So, I couldn't go on it. Mom was nice and let me check my email on her computer after that. We're thinking it might be a while until we figure out what to do about it. So, I just won't be on a computer that often. :( I liked my laptop though. It lasted for at least 5 years. Usually, this type of laptop only lasts 2 years, so it had a nice run.

So, in the midst of figuring all this out I started to get a bit bored and doodled a bit. Then, I thought that I should try to write out all the Hiragana and Katakana from memory as sort of a review. I did pretty well, only had to look a couple of times. The only ones that don't seem to stick often were the ones that aren't very common. Especially some Katakana. (Katakana is like what they use for 'foreign' words or company names. So, they aren't used often anyways.) I was having fun with them and decided to try and figure out what my last name would be like in Katakana. It's something like: makudanarudo. Kind of long but interesting.

I also watched a movie called Dororo. It's an adaptation from a famous manga that was put out in the 1960's. The anime was put out in 1969. The film came out in 2007. They say in the movie that Dororo is a southern term meaning little monster. It's about a guy's father that when he was born, made a deal with 48 demons that they can have pieces of his son so that he can rule the world. So, he was born without limbs or organs or even facial features. He later was found by a shaman who was experimenting in regrowing tissue. So, he took the bodies of children who died in battle and reattached the organs and limbs to the baby. With this, Dororo became almost indestructable. He went on a journey to kill all of the demons his father had made the deal with, and with each one that dies his 'borrowed' limbs and organs fall off and his original body part comes back. The shaman, the man who was most like a father to him, put a sword that could kill demons inside his left arm. Although, he becomes more of a 'mortal' with each body part he takes back. He's also called Hyakkimaru, and uses that more after meeting a girl who's a thief and calls her Dororo. At the end of the movie he had only killed half of the demons. Plus, his mom and father were killed, and all he has left is his brother and Dororo. (Plus a weird storyteller/ musician or what I would like to call a Bard. He just seems to follow them around, retell their stories, and play music at weird moments. Kind of a comic relief.) There's 2 sequels coming out soon to this movie, should be interesting. It was rather hokey at times, but the humor was great, and some of the battles were awesome. The story was interesting too.

Also, when I got on my mom's computer earlier, I finally registered for the JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It $40 for the level that I wanted. That was level 4, which oddly is the most basic one, level one is the most difficult. This will be held at UW on December 6th. I'm getting really excited! XD Now, it feels more official. Supposedly, in the beginning of November I'll get my test voucher and test site information. 3 months after the test (in March) they'll send me the results of the exam. That entire time I'm going to probably be so nervous and fret a lot. x_X I think it's a long time.

I also had some time to draw. Today I drew some more expressions. They turned out pretty well. XD Still need more practice, but it wasn't bad.

Later, I figured out that I really can do a ton of things without my laptop. So, it's not the end of the world. I like how my mom is so nice that she's even letting me use her computer to type this up. But, things might also be slightly different for a while. Oh, well that's ok with me. Well, I'm too tired to post some Youtube videos right now, so none today. Sorry!

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