Sunday, August 23, 2009

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.

This is a quote from Peter Ustinov. Hi! Today my contacts were a lot better. I didn't have much of a problem during the day, and they didn't pop out. I guess yesterday was just fluke. I still can't wait until Tuesday! They'll be my presription, so they'll be clearer and maybe more comfortable. ^_^ I also felt pretty well as a whole today.

We went to Walmart, Sears, and Best Buy today. At Walmart, we got sunglasses for me. I've never had 'real' sunglasses before, so this was awesome. (Before I would get clip on ones. They clip on to your regular glasses.) My dad said I looked like a rockstar or something. I don't know about that. He also said I look more beautiful. =^_^= We also got more solution for my contacts, some Sudafed, etc. We also found a bag that fit my sunglasses that was at the optical place there.

Our washing machine died this morning. It was making grinding sounds and I think some squeaks were in there too. :P So, it kind of struggled as it died. We went to Sears to get a replacement. We decided on an upright washing machine. (I think that's what they're called.) we had a very old fashioned type of washing machine. Since there's no agitator, we can wash things like blankets easier. It sounds like it will be powerful. I think they're going to deliver it on Wednesday. They'll take away our old one.

We went to Best Buy because there was a computer on sale. We decided that I'll get Dad's old computer and he'll get the new one. It's quite different than my laptop was, but it should be good. Dad still has to transfer his things from this one to the new one. After that I can truly feel like it's mine. I can't delete any of the programs I don't think I need until that happens. I don't think I'll add my documents until than either. Still kind of a holding pattern, but at least I have something to go on. The weird thing was I had to go and use Dad's modem to get internet. His new computer doesn't connect to the internet right now. He has to go to the store and get something extra, but it should work after that. The new computer also came with an all in one printer, which he gave to me. I was rather surprised, but that's really nice of him. Also, my entire desk is filled up with 'stuff'. (The monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer part, printer, and my lamp.) It's weird to go from the laptop built in mouse to an external mouse. This one didn't work on the class that's on my desk and I don't have a mouse pad. So, I flipped over a notepad that had cardboard and worked really great. Funny, in a way. Also, the extra speakers are awesome! I'm not used to it, but it's sounds great.

For dinner Dad made some beef stew over noodles. It was good, just not cooked quite enough. We also had more of the peach muffins. Not enough peaches, but still good. We also watched some of the Monk episodes on demand that we didn't see when they aired. One was about an actress Monk idolized. He finds out she's not who he thinks she is. Plus, she murdered someone. The next one was about a man from Nigeria and finding out who killed his wife. It was very sad. Monk kept getting confused and kept thinking about Trudy when the man talked about his wife. (Trudy was killed too, but no one caught the killer.)

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