Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Games lubricate the body and the mind.

A Benjamin Franklin quote. :P Hi! Well, today I have a bit of a cold. The runny nose, scratchy throat, etc. I still decided to try and stick to my schedule. And I did surprisingly. :D I even got in some exercise, even though I really didn't feel like it. We also got our new washing machine, and it works well so far.

I read more of Naruto. Gaara showed his full form. It always looks disgusting to me. It looks more bug like rather than raccoon or 'raccoon dog'. I think the only thing that's like a raccoon with him is maybe the way his eyes look. (Kind of like someone smeared eyeliner thickly.) Naruto realized how alone Gaara felt. He also realized that Gaara's just like him. Only he changed his life for the better.

I stopped reading Inumimi, because the plot seemed a little slow to me. So, I finally read more of Gintama. I love both the manga and anime now! I know they are basically the same stories so far, but it's cool to actually read it. I know at some point the manga's story jumps ahead or speeds up ahead of the anime so much they joke about it in the anime. So, maybe there are different stories. Plus, the characters look a bit different right now in the manga. Maybe it's because it's the very beginning and the author wasn't used to drawing the characters as often? Could be, guess I'll have to see. ;P The first story I read today was about the 'alien' prince's (I can't remember his name, I know they call him baka a lot. Baka means stupid or idiot.) pet Pesu. The prince loves to get really strange creatures as pets. And usually they wreack havoc on the town. This one was an unknown type creature. It most resembles a giant octopus. I liked how before Gintoki killed Pesu he said we're having lots of octopus sashimi tonight. XD The guy that we now know in the anime as Madao his real name is Hasegawa. He was once an immigration officer for the aliens. Things didn't go bad for him until he met Gintoki and took the wrong advice. The next story was about Kagura and how Gintoki and Shinpachi 'bump' into her. XD I love her, she's just too funny. The last one I started was about Catherine. She's a cat looking alien, and loves to steal things.

For Japanese, I tried to get as much as I could for info on verb forms. It's just kind of hard to get because a lot of the time they're not clearly explained. But, getting stuff from multiple sites. it's pretty clear. Also, I was figuring out what the verb 'to meet' would be with a few of the forms. (Translating from the examples that were in Japanese for this verb into an equivalent English meaning.) That was kind of fun.

I decided to stop with watching Neuro. It was kind of boring. o_O So, I finally caught up to the newest episode of Gintama. The first part was about 2 robbers who were planning to rob Gintoki's home. At first they only found his friends doing really weird things. Sa chan was stowed away and hog tied in a draw, which changed everytime someone went through Gintoki's things. Madao showed up and used the place as like his own home. (That was funny to watch.) Then, Katsura showed up and thought the robbers were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. XD Eventually, Gintoki showed up and asked why everybody was there and who the hell were the 2 people he hasn't seen before. After Sa chan said they were robbers Gintoki threw them hard out the window. :P The next part was about how everyone was losing their hair, even Kagura. They try to regrow their hair with some sort of product but it just makes more hair fall out. Eventually, they find out that some alien spread a virus where everyone loses their hair if they are infected. They are given an antidote to it, but they drop it. Sadaharu picks it up and at first it brings back his normal amount of hair. (Sadaharu is like a giant dog. It's an alien. He literally acts like a giant dog.) Then, all of a sudden there's so much hair that it explodes and spills out into the street. :D I found out what was making the weird noise whenever I watched certain anime. I thought the computer was going haywire, but it was the site's chat box. That stupid thing! So, I turned it off and it was fine.

I almost forgot there was a second season to La Corda d'Oro. This season is called Secondo Passo at the end. I guess I could give some background on this too. I love the story! Hino (the main character) goes to a school that specializes in music. It has 2 types of students, normal and music. The music are considered more elite. There's a tiny fairy named Lili or Riri (depending on how you translate it), who's been with the school since it started. He can't be seen by everyone, and Hino bumped into him one day. (She's a normal student.) Since she can see him, he gives here a golden violin. It makes her an instant master of the instrument. People hear it and she's put into a competition. She's makes friends with everyone, and encourages them to do their best. There's a clarinetist (which isn't in the picture oddly.), another violinist, a pianist (eventually), a trumpetist, a celloist, and a flutist. I think those are the main instruments. That season ended on a cliff hanger where they didn't fully decide on who won the competition. Also, she broke her 'enchanted violin and started to play another from scratch it sounded rather bad. Which surprised everyone because she was so good before. She decides to try and become better on her own. So, this one started with saying who won. The other violinist won first, the flutist next, and the pianist third. A few of the characters changed. The celloist was so short in the season before, now he's pretty tall. (He seemed more in tune with his music last season than anyone. I like him a lot.) Instead of compeating with each other they're going to make an ensemble and learn how to play together for a festival coming up. There's a new head of the school this time too. He's rather harsh on students and to me rather rude. He tells Hino that they don't need her in the ensemble. Funny thing is after she leaves the band falls apart, and they can't blend. There's also a new guy who's a 'normal' student that once played the violin. He was so impressed with her playing before he transferred to the same school, just to be able to meet her.

I also drew a male head. He has headphones on. It's weird to draw headphones when the guy's head is at an angle, but I tried it anyway. I don't think it turned out too bad.

I'm hoping to look at more youtube videos and post them tomorrow. I'm a little scared about my doctor's appointment. I don't want to be carved into without being knocked out first. x_X Hopefully, I won't be sick tomorrow.

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