Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling sick :(

Hi! Today I got up early for my dermatologist appointment. He looked at the mole and said it was cancerous looking, and he'd have to take it off another day. Apparently this was an appointment to just show him it. He looked at the rash in my armpit, which the other doctors kept telling me was some sort of fungus thing. He said it was exzema. He said most likely it was an allergic reaction to fragrant deodorant, and that I need to switch to something isn't. I was just happy he said it was something else. ^_^ He also prescribed an ointment that will make it so it doesn't itch, therefore I won't scratch it and it can heal. We'll see if this works, sounds like it will. (Also, a while back I made a typo. When I said 'minion', I met to type it as minyan. I knew how to spell it before, just wasn't thinking right at that moment.)

I'm feeling more sick than yesterday. I'm sneezing all the time, head hurts, sinuses feel full, heart burn, throat feels really scratchy (similar to after you throw up, that sensation, only I didn't throw up.), head feels hot to me, not wanting to eat, runny nose, etc. I didn't feel like doing much today, so I asked Dad if he had anything more to do with his old computer, he can do it today. So, while he did that, I caught up on Psych, watched a documentary about a guy from a Jewish group in Ethiopia make it all the way up to Israel and become president of an organization there, some music videos, looked at some horror movies, watched the animal planet channel, watched a thing on comedy central, and watched some cartoons. It was good I could preoccupy myself because Dad needed the computer for a while. He told me he got what he needed and I can start customizing it. So, yay! I think that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm too tired to do much now, so tomorrow sounds good. It funny when you're sick and barely do anything how tired you get! XD Mom made something I could probably keep down for dinner. It was chicken and rice kind of thing. I couldn't eat much, and she realized this and gave me a smaller portion than normal. I'm really hoping tomorrow I'll feel better. :P

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