Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

This a Confucious quote. Hi! Well, I feel similar to yesterday, only one thing's changed. I broke my glasses! :( I just touched it wrong and the top part of the frame broke off. So, mom decided to put a rubber band around it for the time being so I can see. It was very nice of her. Now I have a huge blind spot on my face though. I have to tilt my head in order to really see something. So, my mom made an appointment to see my optometrist tomorrow. I'm hoping to get contacts. Just so tired of holes on the sides of my nose, how heavy the frames can feel, how they never feel clean, and I don't want to end up with another pair of glasses that twist and appear to make the frame crooked. I'm afraid that I might pass out every time I try to put in my new contacts when I get them. I might be fine, but might take a while to get them in. I'm nervous and excited. :P I'll look quite different too. After all I've been wearing glasses for at least 17 years, so most of my life. It was pretty warm today too, so that was nice. I couldn't email my psychiatrist because she's apparently not on the list for the medical team members I can email yet. Not sure what to do now. Maybe call tomorrow and leave a message, maybe she'll get back to me.

In Gintama, the robot Tama (in the picture) had a virus that made her pixelated. She looked like she came from an old rpg. They were specifically parodying Dragon Quest. The actual game was made in the 1980's. The company went bankrupt in 1982 and was picked up again by another company in 1987. In 2003, they updated it, I think. But, it was really a classic. :3 When Tama moves to the side she becomes paper thin, and in fact Kagura sliced a vegetable on Tama's head it was that sharp. :P Gintoki sounded like an old gamer when he talked about how back in the day their video games didn't have CG and 3D rendering. They had to use their imagination. He hates the rpg's that have the long CG cut- scenes that are in the newer games. He says he didn't get it to watch a movie, he got to play! If they don't fix the virus in Tama soon she'll be a soulless robot. The mechanic who made Tama smashes Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi with a huge hammer, and it makes them shrink. Kind of weird. o_O Eventually they were forced into Tama's mouth. (It really looked to me like a parody of the Fantastic Voyage movie.) The 'blood' is rivers of oil in Tama. She has mini humans that act as a Leukocyte army. At the end of this episode one of the leukocytes told the group to find and help the leukocyte king. The extra for this episode was on how to draw Gintoki's dead fish type eyes. The illustration was great! ;P

In Neuro, I watched the episode called Dog. It's about a bomber who bombs buildings that have certain names where when put together into an acronym makes a message. Like, the first message was omen. The bomber leaves a card at each site that has a dog on it. Bomber is actually a mother of 2 children, the youngest being a baby she carries everywhere. Plus, she's happily married. She was bombing buildings because she wanted to satisfy her destructive side. The next demon weapon of the 777 that Neuro uses is called Eye Crushing Eye Drops or Evil Drop. It basically shows the person the ramifications of their actions.

On Primeval I watched the season finale and watched the premiere of the next. It's kind of hard to find online, but I found it on Youtube through imjamesadams channel. There was prehistoric scorpion, that burrowed through the sand and snatched people on a beach. In Lester's lab (don't know what else to call it. The place where he rounded up a lot of prehistoric and future creatures.) Cutter downloaded a virus into the main computer. This shut down the whole system releasing all the animals. The found Rex in all the chaos. Also, the main part of the team got out pretty quickly. The devices that Lester made that controlled the 'future' creatures were destroyed by Cutter, therefore they ended up killing Lester. Also, at the end Stephen sacrifices himself in order to keep the creatures locked up. Just before this he realized Helen was just playing him. That episode ended with many clones of that weird guard/ military guy. It was creepy. Next episode was about what the Egyptians called the Sun Cage. It held the anomaly and could control it. Apparently, Cutter has long hair now, it looks weird. Abbey now has even shorter hair though. There's a new guy called Captain Becker (I think, with British accents it could have sounded like Baker also.) sent to be a bodyguard to the team. A creature by the name of Pristichampus (it's like a prehistoric crocodile.) who's 55 million years old is freed from the museum. Apparently, electricity changes anomalies. The croc attacks a food court at what looks to be a mall. This type of croc was treated as a G-d by the Egyptians. Dr. Page is now a new member of the team, she specializes in Egyptology. Legends from the past like the unicorn, Hydra, etc. could all be what people in the past interpretted the creatures as. Dr. Page is going to help them look at the myths and find patterns between them.

For Japanese, I'm planning to ask my dad if I could print off some of the vocab from my flash drive. Then, I might ask my mom if I could download the Japanese font, so I can actually read it on here. With doing this I should be able to continue what I was doing before that was helping so much. For today I found a Youtube channel from Gimmeabreakman where he does 10 minutes of a lesson on one subject. I looked at genki (characters on top) and sentence structure video. I knew already what he was saying but it was nice to go over it. Genki means healthy or energetic. The sentences were simple and they were these: genki kai? (how are you?) hai, genki desu (yo). (yes, I'm fine.) genki da ne! (You sure are energetic!) genki de ha arimasen. (This very formal. I'm not very energetic.) genki ja nai. (Used a lot more often. Means the same thing as sentence just before.) Sometimes ha is pronounced wa. It's wa when used as an article to a subject of a sentence. For instance "watashi wa"- I am...

I watched my old DVD of amv's on our TV. I think it's awesome that it works on our TV, because it didn't with the last one. The biggest one on there is a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) project. It's about an hour and 15 minutes. x_X A little too long! While that was going I played a game of solitaire. Fun, because the card deck I have is of an anime called Gravitation. Gravitation is an extremely light yaoi (Gay love or 'boys' love'- that's usually written by women for women), between a writer and a singer. It's more about life and finding your special someone, whether they be the same sex or not. The deck has some pretty cool moments on them.

For drawing, I drew the last male head of practicing the facial expressions. After that, I started on the female hair styles section. I don't like the first style they show, but I did it anyways just to see how it was done.

I wrote more of my manga story on paper today. I was going on memory of what I typed on my computer. I luckily have it saved to my flash drive, but I couldn't find my mom's usb port on her computer. :P This time it was about him meeting his advisor. His advisor is a ghost. I won't say too much, but I like this character too, he was fun to write about. If my dad ok's it I'll probably print out the story that I saved on my flash drive. So, at some point I will post the story so far on deviantArt.

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