Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[Shinpachi has come out of the kitchen]

Shinpachi: Gin-san, this isn’t looking good.
Gintoki: Yeah, I know. It’s not good to be reading Jump at my age.
Kagura: That’s true, the onigiri you roll taste terrible.
Shinpachi: I don’t mean either of those! I’m talking about this!
Gintoki: Our checkbook?
Kagura: Ha! Don’t make fun of me. You can’t eat a thing like that!

Hi! Well I seem to be doing about as good as yesterday. My 'brain shivers' seem to be slowly turning into vibrations that make my head feel numb. o_O It actually got to a nice temperature today. ^_^ Also, Tasha seems to be really loving today. She actually gave me a few hugs, she doesn't do that too often.

I found another manga series to read! It's called Inumimi, which literally means Dog Ears. It's actually pretty hilarious so far. The beginning is a bit more ecchi than I'd like, but later it's not so much, so it gets better. (I guess you could say ecchi is like being perverted. Not as far as hentai, but almost a humorous way of being perverted. Showing panty shots, more developed breasts through shirts, etc. It's not porn, just kind of making fun of sexual situations.) It's about Yuichiro's father, who's a scientist, turning their 3 female dogs into 3 human girls. Supposedly they had asked the scientist to become human, don't know how because they were normal dogs. x_X After becoming human, they still have some of their characteristics they had as a dog. Like ears, tails, even their personalities as dogs are in tact. They apparently understand human language too. The dogs were originally a Husky, a Doberman Pinscher, and a dog that looks to me like a Welsh Corgi. Their names are Elga, Rino, and Luna respectively. They still wear their collars. The reason why I thought it was too ecchi at the beginning was because they aren't used to clothes then. They're running around in their underwear, and even thinking of taking them off. They reminded me of my dog Buster (who died a few years ago) with things like getting so worked up over food. They even prefer dog food to human food. They even sleep like dogs: on the 'master's' bed, curled up, kicking in their sleep, etc. Yuichiro takes them for a walk later and they even act like dogs then. They run out the door, sniffing everywhere, even trying to mark their territory. :P (For those who don't know, marking their territory involves peeing on things.) They still understand the other neighborhood dogs' barks. In fact Rino gets angry at one for apparently swearing at her. I love how she likes to say I'll rip out your juggler. XD After seeing a mouse, Elga loses her voice, but with some encouragement gains it back. Her main reason to become human was so she can be with her master forever, help him, talk human to him. They still love to eat milk bones and other dog treats. They also love to lick people. They're fascinated by human 'technology', specifically how the fridge works. :D They try to make dinner for Yuichiro, and come up with some pretty hilarious combos. When people come to the door and Yuichiro isn't there, her guard dog instinct comes out. They tried to clean the house and ended up wrecking the whole place. Yuichiro was trying to show them how 'humans' bathe. Elga who hates water with passion put up quite a struggle. Since they are still dogs they have no shame in being naked, but they have human bodies which Yuichiro has an obvious problem with it. So, he ends up with his back to them and tells Rino how to do it, she's almost like the mom of the bunch and helps the other 2.

O has a ton of words. I think I'm almost done with this section though. お菓子 or okashi, which means confections, sweets, or candy. お金 or okane is money. 奥さん or okusan, which is someone's wife. お酒 or osake (that's oh- sa- kei not oh- sa- ki) means sake or alcohol. So, it really can be used in talking about any alcohol. :P お皿 or osara, means plate. It kind of looks like one, at least to me. XD There's two forms in kanji for uncle and that's 叔父さん for a younger brother of a parent, 伯父さん for an older brother of a parent. It's pronounced the same though, as ojisan. Be sure not to make it have a long i sound. ;P お祖父さん or ojiisan means grandfather. (That's why you shouldn't make a long i sound for uncle. It might be kind of disrespectful.) 遅い or osoi means slow or late. お茶 or ocha means tea. (cha if being informal, same with sake.) お手洗い or otearai, which means bathroom or toilet. I think they have like 2 words for bathroom. Maybe this one is common for traditional Japanese ones, because the other word I'm thinking of is borrowed and therefore might be for Western style type bathrooms. お父さん or otousan means father. 弟さん or otoutosan means younger brother. 男 or otoko is male or man. It's funny looking in kanji. :P 男の子 or otokonoko which means boy or baby boy. Makes sense because it uses the kanji for male and child. Cool, kind of. :) 一昨日 or ototoi is the day before yesterday. Kind of cool that the have one word for that. 一昨年 or ototoshi is year before last. 大人 or otona means adult. Makes sense considering the kanji is big and person. ^_^ お腹 or onaka means stomach. お兄さん or oniisan means older brother or young man sometimes even buddy. お姉さん or oneesan means older sister, young lady, miss (when talking to a waitress), or ma'am (used by geishas to their superiors.) 伯母さん and 叔母さん or obasan mean aunt. The first is an older sister, the second kanji being the younger sister of a parent. お祖母さん or obaasan means grandmother. Again, be sure if talking to your aunt to not having a long a sound, and vice a versa. お弁当 or obentou means bento or boxed lunch. 面白 or omoshiro, means interesting, fun, or amusing. It's kind of cool looking in kanji.

In Detective Neuro, one of the episodes was about an online community called Links. It's similar in description to Facebook. Neuro has another servant named Godai who's apart of the Yakuza. He absolutely refuses to be called a 'servant' and he's kind of like the techie of the group. The mystery this time is about people being murdered in broad daylight while crossing an intersection with a crowd of people, who apparently didn't witness the murder. The victim had recently quit a group that was on Links. Hime who runs the most popular group on Links was the murderer. She kills anyone who tries to leave the group online. Hime killed people with her umbrella, which had a spike come out of it. The demon weapon in this one was called Evil Illusion, where it shows the person's worst fear until they break psychologically. Next episode was called Laughter. A new member of the group shows up. She was murdered and plastered into the wall of the 'detective agency'. She somewhat revived when Neuro tried to kill a fly with one of his weapons. Basically she can move her braided long hair and type with it for communication, her name's Akane. A weird one. o_O She ends up working for them too. Yako goes to a comedy show, where everyone gets a complimentary bento. The bento makes everyone laugh because a laughing additive was put in. Eventually, some people died of laughter. Later, we find out it wasn't the additive that killed them but a poison that rained from the ceiling that landed in the food. If you ingest this poison and laugh you die. The next weapon he used was Evil Friday. It was a bunch of eyes that crawled around with spider- like legs, they're used to observe and gain data. Doudou who worked in the control room used frozen poison- soaked ropes that tied to the cat walk. When the crowed was told to eat the bentos, he turned on the laser lighting which made the ropes thaw and poison slowly dripped into everyone's bentos. He used another weapon called Evil Comedy. This one was like a bug that he flicked at Doudou and it burrowed into his face and made him crazy. Neuro technically eats the energy that's given off after a mystery is solved. Kind of weird.

In Gintama, the beginning showed the Yorozuya or Odd Jobs group (kind of like a Jack of all trades consisting of Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura.) being strapped for cash. They even off- handedly commented on the 'global recession'. Later, they found out that there are copycats rolling in the money (and clients) they would have had. This group even had a website, and they said they had a Kintama instead of a Gintama. (Kintama would be gold soul.) After busting in the door of the 'fakes' they find out who they are. It's the old members of the Yorozuya who worked with Gintoki. Their new leader is a guy named Stainless Boy. (Besically he was a robot.) Part 2 had a parody of Doraeman. Doraemon is about a robotic cat who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy. In 2008, Japan's Foreign Ministry appointed Doraemon as the nation's first "anime ambassador." The manga series started in 1969. In 1979, the anime became popular. The original anime ended in 2005, but someone else picked up that same year and I think is still going. It's one of the oldest and longest running anime and manga. Also, in Gintama they mixed the parody with the Terminator. Apparently Doraemon thought Shinpachi was Connor from the Terminator and was sent to help him. The next episode started with a short parodying the Dragon Ball Z live action movie. They showed the shopping center next to the studio. Then, panned to mannequins that were made to look like Gintoki and Kagura. They used a pair of glasses for Shinpachi's character. The characters walked around the studio, and pulled some pranks. I swear they had way too much fun with this idea. >:) Part 2 was about a nasty flu everyone caught but Shinpachi. (Seems they want to do a lot of these newer episodes centered around Shinpachi.) He ended caring for everyone. Madao was actually wearing the virus as clothing. They parodied Obama's saying "Yes, we can!" Apparently the reason why Katsura never gets sick is he just absorbs viruses. Everyone's cured after he does this for him, and then he suddenly farts and lets it all out. It hits everyone but Shinpachi turning them into a cross between Obamas and Will Smiths. At the end they say, "Yes, we can!" :P hehehe... random!

We finally went to an engraving store downtown to get a plate engraved to put on Shadow's box of ashes. (Our cat that died recently. :"( ) We're having it say Our Talking Thunderpaws. (I think. ^_^") After that we went to a coffee place downtown called Hotshots. I ordered a caramel frazze, it's similar to Starbucks' caramel frappeccino (not sure if spelled right), but better. I read some of Family Circle magazine. One article that caught my attention was about online communities for kids. They listed Gaia, which is ok, because it's for everyone. What they said about it was disturbing to me! They said that it was an anime based site, and that boys are more attracted to anime. (Not literally, but this was the jist.) Not true! Anime is for everyone, therefore everyone is attracted to anime. Not just kids, boys, etc. There's anime for everyone. If you want to go by labels, which most people don't, there's anime designated for girls, boys, young woman, young man, adults, hentai, anything you name it. Literally, the sky's the limit. It kind of got me pissed off! They didn't do any research and just went with guessing. Next time, they should look into things! >.<


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