Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Doll

From the Vampire Knight soundtrack by Kanon Wakeshima. This artist is amazing! She's an awesome singer and cellist. She's also still pretty new, and has won many awards. This was her debut song, that was also the Vampire Knight's first season ending theme. Vampire Knight is pretty awesome too! Has vampires, romance, a good complex plot, lots of humor, cool fight scenes, and so much more! It's one of my faves. The next season was even better, but has an even more complex plot. It's called Vampire Knight: Guilty. Check it out if you can! ^_^

Well, last night my ears were hurting a lot worse than before. I used hydrogen peroxide in them this time instead of rubbing alcohol. It feels a lot better today. I still have a slight pain, but it's a lot tolerable. Hopefully it will go away with a couple of more treatments of that. Also, sorry about not posting in the last couple of days. My internet connection was out everytime I tried to post.

I'm going to post the stuff I did today, not the vocab I did in the last couple of days. I did the new そ or so and せ or se sections. そう or sou- so, really, or seeming. 相談する or soudansuru- discussion. 育てる or sodateru- to raise or to bring up. 卒業 or sotsugyou- graduation or completion. 祖父 or sofu- grandfather. 祖母 or sobo- grandmother. 其れで or sorede- and, then, or because of that. 其れに or soreni- besides or moreover. 其れほど or sorehodo- so, so much, or extent. そろそろ or sorosoro- slowly, gradually, quietly, or soon. そんなに or sonnani- (expression) so, so much, or like that. 製 or sei- made of or make. 政治 or seiji- politics or government. 西洋 or seiyou- the west or Western countries. 世界 or sekai- the world or the universe. 席 or seki- seat. 説明 or setsumei- explanation. 背中 or senaka- back (of body). 是非 or zehi- by some means, without fail, or certainly. 線 or sen- line, wire, or beam. 全然 or zenzen- not at all. 戦争 or sensou- war. 先輩 or senpai- one's senior (at work or school), superior, or old- timer. 専門 or senmon- major, specialty, expert, or subject of study.

I started to draw Shadow's sister, Sahara. I'm drawing her next to him, since they're siblings. She seems like she'll be so much taller than him, but she's average height, and he's short. :P I'm going to update my character descriptions and post it soon. Chapter 3 was the last time I put the descriptions up. O.O (I've just started chapter 8!) I have a lot more characters now! So, this way they'll be able to 'see' them. And I'm going to write a bit more in depth about the previous characters' personalities, especially since at the time I was just developing them. I still am, but they've developed a lot further. :D

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