Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kokoro Odoru

Mood: cheerfulcheerful

By Nobodyknows+. It could literally mean heart pounding. It's a very awesome song! :D Very upbeat, makes you want to dance, kind of song. Also, one of my fave bands! I went through a list of Japanese artists to add to my playlist. I needed more, since you get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, right? I forgot about most of these bands. Also, some I knew I liked before, but I looked at their other songs, and they've become my faves too. It's too awesome! I heard some bands for the first time, and have new faves, too. Makes me happy just thinking about it. XD

When I used the hydrogen peroxide last night, apparently it hit a large pocket of water, because it fizzed so much it leaked out my ears. O.O It was a weird feeling. But, 2 hours after going to bed, I was pain free. :D So, I slept in. I didn't feel the pain until just a couple of hours ago, so it's almost gone! Plus, my mood has really lifted. It's really nice, because I've been feeling pretty bad since we got back from the trip. Maybe it'll be totally gone tomorrow!

I did the し or shi and さ or sa sections. 小説 or shousetsu- novel or short story. 招待 or shoutai- invite. 承知 or shouchi- consent or agreement. 将来 or shourai- future. 食事する or shokujisuru- meal. 食料品 or shokuryouhin- foods or groceries. 女性 or josei- woman or female. 人口 or jinkou- population. 神社 or jinja- Shinto shrine. 親切 or shinsetsu- kind, kindness, or gentleness. 心配する or shinpaisuru- to worry, concern, or anxiety. 新聞社 or shinbunsha- newspaper company. 最近 or saikin- recent or latest. 最後 or saigo- last time, last, or conclusion. 最初 or saisho- first time, first, or beginning. 財布 or saifu- purse or wallet. 盛ん or sakan- popular or enthusiastic. さっき or sakki- some time ago. 寂しい or sabishii- lonely. 再来月 or saraigetsu- the month after next. 再来週 or saraishuu- the week after next. サンダル or sandaru- sandals. サンドイッチ or sandoicchi- sandwich. 残念 or sannen- regret.

I posted 2 more pics. This time it was the start of the Morikami gardens. Got a comment already, saying the flowers I posted were very pretty. They look kind of funny to me. They're these weird pom pom things. I guess they do look pretty though. XD The other pic was the wisdom ring. Might post more of them tomorrow. :P

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