Friday, January 1, 2010

Ima Made Nando Mo

From the Naruto soundtrack by the Massmissile. It means Many Times Until Now or a better meaning would probably be Frequently in English. It's about realizing your dream is closer than you think, or basically your hardwork is paying off. Fits the story well. :D

Hope everybody's New Year's celebrations were fun. Party We had fun eating snacks and playing games most of the night. We played a different form of Rummikub, that used cards instead of tiles. It wasn't as good as the one we play. :P (Slightly different in gameplay too.) Also their dog was jumping all over us because she was so happy to see us. But, she calmed down a bit later. Such a sweet dog. Aww Then, we played Trivial Pursuit like we always do. Sweating a little... It was nice to talk to them since we only see them about 3 or 4 times a year. We watched the fireworks at the Space Needle on TV. It wasn't very impressive. Unimpressed Since no one but Dad drinks alcohol, we toasted with sparkling apple cider. ^_^

For lunch I made a traditional Japanese New Year's dish. Which is soba noodles in a broth. They usually have it at midnight, but I thought it would be easier for us to do for lunch. They eat it to wish everyone to have long lives. It was tasty! The broth has dashi, salt, sugar, mirin, and dark and light soy sauce. It was even better when you add 7 spiced powder. :D

On Sunday, I'm going to a Mochi pounding ceremony. Mochi is rice that's been 'pounded' or pulverized into a fine flour or powder. They use it for many things like mochi cakes, mochi icecream, dango, to coat things, in breads, and more. I love Mochi! ^_^ It's traditional for New Year's to literally pound the mochi the old fashioned way. Which is with a large mallet and large bowl if I remember. Each person is supposed to do at least one whack at the rice. It sounds fun to me! :P Can't wait! I'll probably get back to my normal routine on Monday. It's nice to have a break to celebrate the holidays. ^_^ Also, I'm using my new Naruto Shipuuden calendar. It's awesome, and even more awesome when listening to the soundtracks for Naruto. XD I still have to figure out what my wallpaper for the month is going to be. ;)

Whack- A- Kitty! :D

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