Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chocolate Disco

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By Perfume. I oddly like this song. It's a bit random. :P Kind of a guilty pleasure I guess. Perfume's such a weird group, but some of their stuff I love. I had such a hard time sleeping last night, I slept in again. I then called SSA, because I had a question. I was on hold for 30 minutes! Then, the times I called back after that, their machine said they weren't there! What the hell?! I was pissed! I'll try again tomorrow.

I finished the こ or ko section. 子 or ko- child. ご or go- same as お, being an honorific. こう or kou- like this, this way, thus, or such. 郊外 or kougai- suburbs or outskirts. 講義 or kougi- lecture. 工業 or kougyou- industry. 高校 or koukou- high school. 高校生 or koukousei- highschool student. 工場 or koujyou- factory. 校長 or kouchou- principal or headmaster. 交通 or koutsuu- traffic. 行動 or koudou- lecture hall or auditorium. 公務員 or koumuin- public (civil) servant or government worker. 国際 or koukusai- international. 心 or kokoro- mind, heart, or spirit. (It definitely looks like a heart to me. :P) ご馳走 or gochisou- to treat to dinner or feast. 小鳥 or kotori- small bird or songbird. 細かい or komakai- small, detailed, fine, minute, or minor. 塵 or gomi- dust, trash, or garbage. 込む or komu- to be crowded. 米 or kome- rice. (Before it's cooked.) 怖い or kowai- scary, frightening, eerie, or dreadful. (Interesting that kawaii is cute and kowai is scary. They sound pretty similar.) コンサート or consaato- concert. 今度 or kondo- next time, now, or this time. 今夜 or konya- tonight or this evening.

I made Japanese curry. Mom helped with cutting the beef. I also put onions, carrots, and potatoes in it. The brand that the curry mix came from is just awesome! It's called Vermont Curry. It's sweet and has a tiny bit of a kick. Also, has a million different things in it. O.O I can tell why it's so popular over there. Instead of using rice they said you can use any pasta too. So I did. ^_^ It was interesting with rotini. Earlier my mom made a spice cake with icing, so we had that too. That was so good! All this put me in a really good mood. :D

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