Monday, January 18, 2010

Marukaite Chikyuu (France)

From the Hetalia soundtrack with France's seiyuu (voice actor) singing. Another funny version of the song. The inbetween bits sound like authentic French music. Even better! Aww Well, I had some internet trouble for the last couple of days. I have wireless, and for some reason it was reading the signal, but wasn't able to connect. Confused So, I did a ton of things to try and fix the problem. Finally, I was trying to figure out how to uninstall my network card, and then reinstall. (It wouldn't show up in my add or remove thing.) So, I decided to exit it entirely to see if it would show up with it 'supposedly' turned off. This is the crazy thing, as soon as I did that, the internet was back up! CrazyTotally illogical, but really a relief at the same time. In fact, it's faster than before! Doesn't make sense! Oh well, at least it's working. w00t! I also got some other things done while it was out. So, that was good.

Yesterday, I did a ton of stuff with my story. Wrote some, edited, and added the new characters to my character descriptions. I think I have like 16 'main' characters now. Wow! But, each one plays a role. Also, my newest character, I thought I wouldn't like very much. After writing down his description, I realized I like him too. In fact, I like all my characters, and I think that's the way it should be. ;) (Wink) It was nice to go over some of the story again. Kind of makes me want to write even more. :eager: by darkmoon3636 I think I'm almost done with this chapter, so look forward to it! OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

I saw a Japanese drama that I actually liked. It's called Ando Natsu. It's about a girl (Ando) who wants to become a patissiere or a pastry chef. It's a pretty funny show, yet has some good drama to it too. Ando works at a confectionery shop called Mangetsudo. After working there for a bit she falls in love with Japanese confection, and strives to perfect it. I read somewhere that the title is sometimes read as AnDonuts, referring to a type of Japanese confection with adzuki or an. :D It's a really interesting show. Meow :3

I worked on more shopping words and some more vocab sections. I'm going to go over those vocab sections tomorrow online to get the correct kanji and some examples of the words. So, those will be sections: な, と, て, つ, and ち. Or na, to, te, tsu, and chi.

Today, I watched some of J- MELO. They haven't aired it in a while. It's mainly in English. This time they went to Taiwan at the beginning, because May J., one of the hosts, had a concert there. So, they spotlighted some of the pop music from there. The main band they showcased was Soda Green. Then they had a 'music discoverer' (new artists) interview Yoko Ono. That was pretty interesting. I always find her a bit odd, although I like the message about world peace and love she still sends. Corny, but still good. B-) (Cool) They also highlighted one of her concerts. They also visit fans of the show from all over the world.

I mostly tried to catch up today on things. So, tomorrow I'll get back to my stuff. I'm pretty much back on track for my routine, so that feels good. =D (Big Grin) Plus, I'm not feeling sick anymore. Woohooooo!

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