Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Raising Fighting Spirit

From the Naruto soundtrack. Awesome background music for fight scenes and when a character is beating the odds. :P Finally felt up to getting back into my routine! Wahoo! Started writing chapter 8, and I might call it Alone or Threatened, I'm still not sure.

They introduced Chiri who's, I would describe as, OCD. They call her methodical and uptight. Things have to be done properly and perfectly everytime. Even her hair is perfectly split down the middle. OMG Almost everything irritates her, the leaning tower of Piza, shows that don't start on the dot of every hour, etc. There's even the cake scene, which I posted a video earlier of it from the anime. She tries to cut each piece of cake perfectly, but people keep showing up. So, eventually she can't stand it, and just puts it in the blender and gives it to everybody as a drink. O.O

Next, was about Maria. Who's an illegal alien. (Don't exactly know from where.) She bought some random guy's name and enrolled with it. Everyone feels like they have to protect her, and they give her a bunch of gifts. She thinks everyone in Japan is nice. ^_^

The last one was Nami, who's considered the 'normal' girl. Although, I don't think she's very normal, especially later on in the story. She doesn't really have a label. Sensei tells her it's good that he has one student who appears to be normal. He says all of the other 32 students are in despair or are helpless. They're such likable characters, though.

I went through the す or su and the beginning of し or shi sections. 水泳 or suiei- swimming. 水道 or suidou- water works or water supply. 随分 or zuibun- very or extremely. 数学 or suugaku- mathematics. スーツケース or suutsukeesu- suitcase. 少ない or sukunai- very few or scarce. 凄い or sugoi- fantastic, terrible, dreadful, amazing, great, cool, wonderful, or terrific. すっかり or sukkari- all or completely. ずっと or zutto- throughout, always, all the way, much better, or by far. ステレオ or sutereo- stereo. 砂 or suna- sand. (Always thought this one sounded cool.) 素晴らしい or subarashii- wonderful, splendid, or magnificent. 滑る or suberu- to slip or slide. 隅 or sumi- corner or nook. 済む or sumu- to end or finish. 掏り or suri- pickpocket. すると suruto- and, or then. 字 or ji- character (like kanji), handwriting, or penmanship. 試合 or shiai- game. 仕方 or shikata- method, way, means, or resource. 叱る or shikaru- to scold.

Hey! That's a first! Reading it and watching it in one day! XD First part was about people's inner switches and what happens when you flip them. (By saying something or through your actions.) Was pretty funny. :P Next, was when forced to decide between 2 options people usually go for a random 3rd. For instance, when you're trying to decide between 2 action flicks, but in the end you choose a romance one. Also, he says the world has become way too overprotective and is way too cautious. (I agree with him in most of these. :D) Next, was a bit about TPO or Time (and?)Place Occasion(s). Basically is it really worth following all the manners each occasion calls for? Next was a bit on reasons to celebrate. Started with saying what do people in Japan, who don't live next to the sea do to celebrate 'The Day of the Sea'. Then, like everything on the show goes, they expanded a bit to general celebrations. Like, what's the proper way of celebrating things?

I played Jinx Episode 3: Escape from Area 52. I like the series so far, but this one I wasn't able to solve on my own. Maybe I'll try it again sometime. It's a fun story. This time Jinx (who is in a ghost costume because he was swept into another dimension on Halloween night.), the professor, and the E.L.F. are caught and thought to be aliens. I got to the part where everyone was freed from their cells and E.L.F went hiding in one of the vents. I'm at a loss of what to do next.

I started drawing Sahara, from Alliance. I think I have her anatomy down more than her brother. I might try to have her hands on her hips. With her leaning a bit on one leg. Hopefully, it'll work out. Wish me luck! :P Oh, and those descriptions of the characters will be up soon! I promise! :D One more thing, I created a LJ account just to have another place for my art and/or recipes and my experiments in the kitchen. After I do the next post, I'll be sure to give you guys the link to it soon.

One of my faves! His art is amazing! The story is a bit sad, but the concept is amazing:
Cats and Baby squirrels? XD

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