Monday, January 4, 2010

Kuusou Rumba

By Kenji Ootsuki on the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei soundtrack. Another awesome song from the series! ;) Hi! I finally got a chance to get back to writing. I'm almost up to 50 pages! O.O Although, today I didn't write much. Most of the time I was trying to figure out a name for one of my characters. I like my system for naming them, but it takes a while. :P

Got to the part about the girl who lives at the school. She locked herself up in her room before meeting Sensei. (Nozomu Itoshiki.) She still hides behind a blanket and her hair. At the time he visited her at home, Kafuka decided to see her too. She scared her so much, she begged to go outside. When she runs out, Sensei parts her hair and is surprised by how beautiful she is. Her name's Komori Kiri.

Also, got to the part about Sensei's stalker. Kafuka tells her (when she was stalking someone else) she's not stalking, she's just 'deeply in love'. Sensei tells her if she truly loved him, then show him through death with a double suicide. O.O The counselor shows him that she changes her character depending on who she's dating. Finds out later that she's stopped stalking the person from before and has 'fallen' for him. She already has a shrine full of Sensei's pics. Her name's Matoi.

Next was about the 'bandaged' girl. People assumed her father beat her, but she really just works with tigers at the zoo and plays a bit rough with them. It could be also because she has a pulling tail fetish. She aspires to pull every type of animal's tail in the world. Creepy. :P She's Kobushi Abiru.

Another one was about the student who has a personality disorder. One is a sweet innocent Japanese girl, the other is a 'foreigner' who likes to wear short skirts, has a very short temper, is rude, and wants to sue everyone. XD Funny thing is the 'foreigner' part of her never says where she's from. One is named Kaede, the other Kaere.

The last one was called Meru. She only communicates through texting. If you take it away, she makes a weird shrieking noise and starts speaking in her own language. O.O She's abusive in her texts too. Kafuka tells her there are other ways of communicating, and she says you can tell a lot just by looking at someone's eyes. She asks her to look at hers. All she sees is 'kill kill kill'. O.O

Wahoo! Got back into doing more vocab for Level 3. Did the new ゆ or yu section to most of the や section. 湯 or yu- hot water. 夕飯 or yuuhan- evening meal or dinner. 昨夜 or yuube- last night. 輸出 or yushutsu- to export. 指 or yubi- finger. 指輪 or yubiwa- (finger) ring. 夢 or yume- dream. 揺れる or yureru- to shake or sway. 焼く or yaku- to bake or grill. 役に立つ or yakunitatsu- to be helpful or useful. 約束 or yakusoku- arrangement or promise. 焼ける or yakeru- to burn, to be roasted, or to be sunburnt. 優しい or yasashii- kind, gentle, graceful, suave, etc. 易い or yasui- easy. 痩せる or yaseru- to become thin, to slim.

I caught up on Hetalia and watched one episode of Naruto Shippuuden. I'll talk about those tomorrow. :P I also played a very addicting game called Defend Your Honor. It's a tower denfence game and rpg all rolled into one! XD Got to the last level, but lost with the last wave. O.O I was so close too! Was going to draw, but we had to go to the market. Had some of their awesome pizza and met some people we haven't seen in a while.

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