Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's My Road Roller

By Rin and Len Vocaloids. It's another funny song from them. They're songs are awesome! :P Well, today I felt even worse. It's like my head really is going to explode! I usually am pretty tolerant of pain, but it's getting to be a bit much. Hopefully, it will pass soon. It could be that I tried to get back into my normal routine. I got some writing done. Made up another character for it. How many is that now? 12 or 13? This one isn't a main character, so I guess it's ok. ;) He's kind of a made up demon, too. Kind of weird, because I have such a clear picture of him in my head. I looked it up, doesn't seem to be any demon or mythological creature like him. That just makes it more awesome, I guess. XD

Finished the new は or ha, の or no, ね or ne, ぬ or nu, and に or ni sections. (Wow! Got a lot done today!) 恥ずかしい or hazukashii- shameful, shy, or embarrassed. 発音 or hatsuon- pronunciation. はっきり or hakkiri- clearly or plainly. 花見 or hanami- cherry blossom viewing. (Can be for other flowers too.) 払う or harau- to pay. 番組 or bangumi- TV program. 反対 or hantai- to oppose. 残る or nokoru- to remain. 喉 or nodo- throat. 乗り換える or norikaeru- to transfer. 乗り物 or norimono- vehicle or vessel. 値段 or nedan- price. 熱 or netsu- fever. 熱心 or nesshin- eagerness, zeal, or enthusiasm. 眠い or nemui- sleepy or drowsy. 眠る or nemuru- to sleep. 盗む or nusumu- to steal. 塗る or nuru- to paint. 濡れる or nureru- to get wet. 匂い or nioi-smell, odor, scent, or stench. 苦い or nigai- bitter. 難い or nikui- difficult or hard. 逃げる or nigeru- to escape. 日記 or nikki- diary. 入院 or nyuuin- to be hospitalized. 入学 or nyuugaku- to entry to school or university. 似る or niru- to resemble. 人形 or ningyou- doll or puppet.

In Hetalia, it's still the civilization and enlightenment of Japan. This time America shows up. He teaches Japan a new 'game'. It's called Table Turning. He tells him that the 'table' will answer any of your yes or no questions. Simply by putting your hands on a table; if they move once, it's yes, twice it's no. After tricking Japan for a bit, Japan finally asks a more 'deep' question. Asks if whether he'll be able to get along with America from now on. America, being a bit surprised, makes it say yes. After that, Japan occasionally had moments where he missed the peaceful era of Edo. Since it was getting popular with the 'youth', Japan decides to get a guinea pig and a rabbit. Ends up falling in love with cute, soft, and fluffy things. XD As they were bouncing on his shoulders he says, "Enlightenment is wonderful." :3 (By the way, in case you couldn't tell, that's America in the pic. :P)

Next, I played Alice is Dead 2. The first one was put out months ago, and I loved it. I gave up waiting for this one a while ago, but I guess it still found me. XD It's such an awesome escape series! Apparently, you're the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. You've lost your memory twice. In the first one, you killed Alice, and had amnesia soon after. That first one starts with you staring at Alice's corpse, creepy music, and random things moving around the area. It was tough to even start to escape from it. O.O This one was maybe creepier. (If that's possible.) They found you, knocked you unconscious, and threw you in a mental asylum. The 'mad' hatter is sitting there staring at you through the glass wall that separates the rooms. If that wasn't creepy enough, you have to go digging through your roommates corpse to find the key to get out. O.O I don't usually like it when they're too creepy, but this one was oddly fun. Played a couple of other games, but they weren't as good as this one.

Today's Grandpa's birthday! Wahoo! ^_^ I hope it was a good one! I posted 2 more pics of my trip to Florida. One of the Gazebo at the lake, the other a somewhat fuzzy pic of the ducks from the lake. They were running too fast for my camera! -_- People have already faved these. O.O I didn't think they were that great. ^_^"

I also finished coloring Shadow, then I scanned him. My scanner screwed up the colors, so I tried to fix it a bit in Picasa. Since I'm not feeling too great, I lost my patience and decided to just post it. I still have to figure out what's wrong with my scanner. There's been times that the scanned pics come out fine, but lately it's been horrible. The funny thing is he looks a lot better on deviantART than on my computer. XD If you don't have the link yet my deviantART is at: I'm surprised someone actually faved it too. I was just testing techniques I learned from my anatomy book. At least it gives me an idea of what Shadow looks like on paper. Again, it's not quite the way I pictured him. :P But, that can always change.

Tomorrow, I'll start drawing his sister, Sahara. That should be interesting. So, more fun stuff coming! I also updated my deviantID. Now, people can see the groups I'm apart of more clearly. Also, my info is a lot more interesting now. ^_^

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