Friday, January 15, 2010

The Far Far Side

By Asian Kung-Fu Generation on the Naruto soundtrack. An awesome rock song. XD The band is popular world wide, not just in Japan. I tried to call the local Social Security Admin office. Got an automated message saying they wouldn't be able to take calls until Tuesday. Slam Head On Table Since I have so many questions, the form will have to wait too. So, I just can't win. Shrug So, in the end, I relaxed a bit. I've been going nuts with this thing all week, so it was a very nice breather. w00t! I'll be able to get to my normal stuff tomorrow. :P

I got an email from a new penpal!Dance! She's 26, lives in Saitama, and plans to be a clinical radiologist. Kind of cool! She's very into American culture, and wants me to teach her more about it. I wrote back half in Japanese and half in English. Hopefully my Japanese wasn't too atrocious. XD She'll probably like that I made the effort at least.

Move it! XD (Gintama):
Part of Russia's version of Marukaite Chikyuu (Main song from Hetalia- that has a version for each country):
Lollipop?! (Gintama):
In too deep (Gintama):
Horror story:

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