Tuesday, January 12, 2010


By Toshiro Masuda on the Naruto soundtrack. It's just an instrumental background piece. But, kind of cool, too. ^_^ Well, it feels like today didn't really happen. O.O Woke up late, because I had another hard night. Then, throughout the rest of the day, my computer was extremely slow. So, that made my internet slow. Therefore, I couldn't really get the things I needed to get done, done. -_- It was annoying. On top of this, there was a weird guy who IM'd me. He said he got a link for this blog from another site (which I don't use anymore) and IM'd me from the info here. (Took a while for him to explain it clearly.) That's fine, although a little fishy if it's from a site I haven't used in about 2 years. O.O (I didn't even have this blog at the time.) What freaked me out was after some talking, he started coming on to me. Asking me things like how hot are you? This always gives me the creeps when these random guys do that. So, I told yahoo that he's spam and to put him on my ignore list. Hopefully, he's not reading this, and figures out a different way of getting me. O.O I've been stalked before, so this kind of stuff freaks me out. I'm fine being friends with other people on IM that find me through here though. ^_^ (As long as you're not asking for sex, then great. :D)

On a happier note, I found out that people are saying really nice things about me on an application on Facebook. =^_^= (It asks people a yes or no question.) They might just want to be nice, but it's still a bit of a confidence booster. :P I might decide to finally have a feed on there to this blog. Not sure if people will actually read it or even like it, but it would be interesting for me, and for them to get to know me better.

I also looked at Picasa. Dad has it on here, but I've never used it before. Plus, I wasn't sure if I should use it, since it kept opening with his old pics. But, now I realized if I had waited a little bit, they would go away. I did that today, and it immediately transferred my pics to it. O.O It's actually kind of interesting. I goofed around a bit, to look at all the tools for editing them. Found a way to fix my scanned drawings. It's going to take a buttload of time, but it will be a lot better. I have to zoom into as far as I can, and use the retouch blemishes tool. Then, with the smallest brush go to each area that needs fixing, click it, then click a white spot. After that, it's fixed. But, it's time consuming because you have to zoom in and fix each pixel. O.O I guess that's ok, just means it will take a little longer to post my drawings. XD By the way, people are still faving my pics on deviantART. ;P I couldn't post more, because of the computer. -_- But, I think tomorrow I'll be able to.

I had one of the most awesome pizzas for dinner! We bought a frozen cheese pizza, pesto sauce, and lemon and tyme chicken. The pesto and chicken were put on top. :P It was SO good! I like that we can do stuff like this when Dad has something and won't be home for dinner. I still have some leftover for lunch. XD I'll be able to have more of the goodness! ^_^ Since my computer is running smoother and faster, I'll definitely be able to get stuff done. :D

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