Thursday, January 28, 2010

El Mirador

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By nobodyknows+. Another awesome song from them! :D Kind of a upbeat party song. I got up a little earlier than the last couple of days. That was a plus! :P I tried calling our local SSA office, but every time I did it was busy, except the last one. But, that one I got their answering machine telling me they're not there. This time it said I could leave a message. So I did. At the end of it, it asked me if I wanted it to be a priority and personal. Obviously, I picked those. I left this message about 11:30 AM, and haven't heard from them since. I'm going to call the national tomorrow, ask them my question, and tell them about our local office. I'm pissed about it! (I calmed a bit more, so that's why I'm just annoyed with it at the moment.)

I finished the け or ke and く or ku sections. 毛 or ke- hair, fur, or wool. 計画 or keikaku- plan or schedule. 警官 or keikan- policeman. 経験 or keiken- experience. 経済 or keizai- economy. 警察 or keisatsu- police. 怪我 or kega- injury. 景色 or keshiki- scenery or landscape. 下宿 or geshuku- lodging. 決して or kesshite- definitely, by no means. けれども or keredomo- but, however, although. 原因 or genin- cause, origin, source. 喧嘩 or kenka- to fight. 研究 or kenkyuu- study, research. 研究室 or kenkyuushitsu- study room, lab. 見物 or kenbutsu- sightseeing, watching. 具合 or guai- condition, state, manner, health. 空気 or kuuki- air, atmosphere. 空港 or kuukou- airport. 草 or kusa- grass. 首 or kubi- neck. 雲 or kumo- clouds. 比べる or kuraberu- to compare. 暮れる or kureru- to get dark, to end, to close.

I watched the first episode of Ando Natsu since I liked the last time I watched. I like it even more now! ^_^ Ando was working and learning from a 'foreigner' (Laura) making European pastries. She said it was the happiest month of her life. Then, Laura died so the shop closed and she was forced to go to a job interview. She didn't get the job. She later decided to eat at a sweets shop while trying to figure out what to do next. The shop was looking for another worker, but no one was interested. So, long story short, she got the job. (With a little help from her friend, Yousuke's mom.) After trying them, Ando wants to be a Japanese sweets or wagashi chef. Apparently, there's many different varieties of wagashi. They joked about her name, which sounds like AnDonuts. :P There was a huge festival called the Sanja Matsuri. This time they centered the sweets on Hourai manju. It's like a giant cake filled with manju- or a type of wagashi. It was crazy, but good looking! They only have it for special occasions like weddings. (I couldn't find a pic of it for some reason.) Eventually, the head chef agrees to let her be his apprentice.

I also played some games. I'm going to do more things tomorrow, I was just put on hold because of those stupid SSA agents. -_-' My dad has a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow, so that should be nice. :D

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