Monday, January 25, 2010


From the Naruto soundtrack by FLOW. Another cool rock opening song for the series. :P I posted more pics to deviantART. If you don't have the link it's at: I also posted those 2 pics on other sites. Started my first real post on LJ. That's at: I posted pics, some drawings, a simple recipe, and tried to post a Youtube video on it. Their code is a bit different, so I still have to figure that out. I just posted the link instead. But, it's easier if it's embedded. (At least I think so. You get to see it right away that way.) I love that they actually have moods for each post. Maybe I can do that for this one. (I'll try it at the end.) It's sad it's not already set up, though. :'( Also, they have better layouts. Hmmm... Maybe I can fix that too. :P

Wanted to read some of Gintama (I don't even remember the last time I read it!), but the site I go to was having issues. So, I decided to search around for some newly released manga. I'm getting tired of the ones I'm reading right now. I'll definitely go back to them, but I need something new and fresh!

I made some tamagoyaki and onigiri again. This time the omelet came out really great! I'm getting the hang of rolling it. (Although, I forgot to test it using sweetener instead of sugar.) Also, I experimented with fillings again for my onigiri. I used cheddar, sliced turkey pastrami, 2 with sweet gherkins, raisins, and umeboshi paste. I had some and still have plenty for tomorrow's lunch. It was all very good. I thought that the cheddar would be horrible, but it's good. Oh, this whole thing took about an hour to make. O.O

I did more of the し or shi section. (It's a huge section!) 式 or shiki- equation, expression, ceremony, or style. 試験 or shiken- exam or experiment. 事故 or jiko- accident. 地震 or jishin- earthquake. 時代 or jidai- age, era, or generation. 下着 or shitagi- underwear. 支度 or shitaku- prepare. 確り or shikkari- firmly, tightly, or reliable. 失敗 or shippai- failure. 失礼 or shitsurei- rude. 事典 or jiten- dictionary. 品物 or shinamono- article or goods. 暫く or shibaraku- for some time, moment, it's been a long time, or instant. 島 or shima- island. 事務所 or jimusho- office. 社会 or shakai- society or public. 社長 or shachou- president, manager, or director. 邪魔 or jama- obstacle or hindrance. ジャム or jamu- jam. 自由 or jiyuu- freedom. 習慣 or shuukan- habit, custom, or manners. 住所 or juusho- address (ex. of house). 柔道 or juudou- Judo. 十分 or jubun- enough, plenty, or adequate. 出発 or shuppatsu- to depart. 趣味 or shumi- hobby. 紹介 or shoukai- introduce. 正月 or shougatsu- New Year's Day, the first month, or January.

I played Temple Escape. It was really good until the end. Apparently, the guy who made it forgot to code the orb you're supposed to click in order to get the 'congrats' screen. (According to Gamershood.) It was annoying that the orb looked clickable but nothing was happening.

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