Friday, January 29, 2010


By Orange Range. Kind of a sad song. It's about a guy who died tragically, and how he watches over his girlfriend. At the end, he's happy to know that she'll always love him and never forget him. He smiles when she's walking with her new boyfriend. Then he says Sayonara and disappears. :'( I wrote out more of my characters' personalities. Stopped at Kenta's description. I'm also thinking of writing out the relations each character has had with each other- just for me to keep things clear. :P I might write out the descriptions of the buildings too. This is turning out to be really fun! :D

I started a new manga called Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. I've heard about it as an anime, but I wanted to test it out with the manga. It's really good so far! I thought I would hate it or something. It's set in England. The butler is Sebastian Michaels. (The guy in the pic.) He seems to be too talented as a butler. Being able to do everything perfectly. There's been hints that he might not be human. O.O The boy he looks after is Ciel Phantomhive. He's the head of the family, yet he's only 12. Still don't know much about him. They have a gardener named Finnian, a maid named Maylene, and a chef named Bard. They're all extremely clumsy, and Sebastian is always cleaning up after them. The house steward, Tanaka, is just bizarre. I might see what the anime's like eventually. :D

I did the き or ki and part of the か or ka sections. 気 or ki- spirit, mind, heart, nature, disposition, motivation, intention, mood, feelings. 機会 or kikai- opportunity, chance. 危険 or kiken- danger, peril, hazard. 汽車 or kisha- train (steam). 技術 or gijutsu- technique, art, craft, skill. 季節 or kisetsu- season. 規則 or kisoku- rules. 厳しい or kibishii- strict, severe, rigid, stern, grave, majestic, intense (cold). きっと or kitto- surely, certainly. 絹 or kinu- silk. 気分 or kibun- mood, feeling. 君 or kimi- you. (Another form. Other one: 貴方 or anata.) 気持ち or kimochi- feeling, sensation, mood. 着物 or kimono- kimono, traditional Japanese dress, clothing, clothes. 客 or kyaku- guest, client, customer, audience, tourist, passenger. 急 or kyuu- urgent, steep, rapid, fast, emergency. 急行 or kyuukou- moving at high speed, express train. 教育 or kyouiku- education, training. 教会 or kyoukai- church. 興味 or kyoumi- interest (in something). 近所 or kinjo- neighborhood. カーテン or kaaten- curtain. 会 or kai- club, meeting, assembly, party. 海岸 or kaigan- coast, beach. 会場 or kaijou- assembly hall, meeting place, the grounds. 会話 or kaiwa- conversation. 科学 or kagaku- science. 鏡 or kagami- mirror.

I tried to watch the next episode of Gintama. The one before that said to be continued next time. There wasn't a good sub, or even raw of it. So, I moved on. (They've done this with previous episodes, kind of annoying.) The next one was odd. About a boy who observed Madao for his summer observation journal. (Madao- the guy who's always down on his luck. Real name is Hasegawa.) It wasn't as funny as it usually is. Although, I have to hand it to them, they can turn anything into being serious or sad. Even if it's a ho- hum episode, they seem to still do really will with the story. Next one is about when Gintoki was with the Joi during the war against Amanto. That should be awesome! He used to be called the white devil. O.O

I finished with Sahara's anatomy. She seems to look a bit better than her brother, at least, I think so. I added her school uniform and inked everything. Next time I'll probably use white out on a couple of areas that my pen messed up on. Then, I'll color it. Lastly, I'll be able to post it. These last bits won't take long, so look forward to it! :D

Tomorrow is Tu B'Shevat. It's a harvest holiday, that's like a tree New Year's. We're supposed to have like 15 different fruits and nuts. Each are divided into 4 categories, representing the seasons. I love this holiday for some reason. XD There's also an interesting metaphor where if a fruit producing tree were to be chopped down in the midst of war, it would be as though you murdered someone. O.O So, they're very special. Also, we're supposed to have 4 different shades of wine (or juice in my case) representing the seasons.

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