Monday, January 11, 2010

Ai (Chuuseishin)

Or Love (Loyalty) from the Excel Saga soundtrack by Milk. One of my faves for opening songs. The whole anime's hilarious, random, and a bit gory. XD The main character's name is (obviously) Excel. She joins Across- which is a 'secret' organization bent on world domination since they believe the world is corrupt. Il Palazzo is the leader, while Excel and Hyatt are officers. Excel is constantly being killed off, although her partner Hyatt dies every few minutes. It seemed if she breathed wrong, she'd die. They were always brought back to life, by a 'celestial being'. Excel's always trying to please Il Palazzo. She travels the world with Hyatt and there's plenty of parodies throughout. The last episode was a bit contraversial. It was called 'Going too Far'. It was so mature that it wasn't shown on TV. (They made it this way, for some reason.) The only way you could see it was in a bonus feature on the DVD. I watched it, and it's just crazy! Mostly lots of blood everywhere and making fun of everything that comes their way. (Including, politically incorrect things.) It was like the anime was on even more crack than before. :P Anyways, this song is about what love really means. Excel says she's destined to never be loved. And that her loyalty to Il Palazzo, some might say, is really deep love.

I was sick again. Yay! ^_^" I've been fighting off the urge to throw up all day. Sorry, if that's too graphic for people. ;P I started my online application for Disability Insurance. I'm surprised at how eligible I am. Bipolar II, Menorrhagia (I got diagnosed this when I had a 8 month period- I was basically hemorrhaging everyday of it. I'm a lot better after having an IUD placed, but I still have problems with the bleeding.), and pulmonary embolisms (blood clots that were in my lungs.). Plus, since my mom already gets disability insurance and I'm still dependent on her, I'm even more eligible. Another point is I'll have most of that stuff for the rest of my life, so that's another qualifier. Another one is if you've been diagnosed with some of these things before you turned 22. (Well, technically they thought my Bipolar was just Depression. So, they diagnosed me with that long before I was 22.) I read something about if you have this many qualifiers, you might be able to get extra. I'm not keeping my hopes up though. ;) I didn't think there would even be the possibility of this.

I posted 2 of my pictures from the trip on deviantART, crunchyroll, photobucket, and Flickr. One of them has already been faved 3 times on deviantART! O.O I'm sorry, but that's a lot to me. Especially, since those were all during the first hour after posting. They seem to all like the 'Real or Fake' one. Hopefully, people will like the others. I'm always surprised at what gets faved and what doesn't.

I finished the new ひ or hi section, and made it halfway through the は or ha section. 日 or hi- another word for day. 火 or hi- fire, flame, or blaze. 冷える or hieru- to grow cold or to get chilly. 引き出し or hikidashi- drawer. 髭 or hige- mustache, beard, or whiskers. 飛行場 or hikoujou- airport. 久しぶり or hisashiburi- it's been a while. 美術館 or bijutsukan- art gallery or art museum. 非常に or hijouni- very or extremely. 吃驚する or bikkurisuru- to be surprised or amazed. 引っ越す or hikkosu- to move or change residence. 必要 or hitsuyou- necessary, needed, or essential. 酷い or hidoi- cruel, awful, severe, serious, terrible, heavy, or violent. 開く or hiraku- to open up or to open (a bank account, festival, etc.). ビル or biru- abbreviation for building, also used for bell. Ok, 2 things that are probably going to mess me up on this word: that it doesn't really sound like building or an abbreviation for it, but it sounds awfully close to ビール or biiru, which is for beer. One's with a long 'ee' sound, the other with a short one. O.O 昼間 or hiruma- daytime. 昼休み or hiruyasumi- lunch break. 拾う or hirou- to pick up or find. 葉 or ha- leaf. 場合 or baai- case or situation. 倍 or bai- double or twice. (The baai and bai sound very similar too. -_-) 拝見 or haiken- (polite) seeing or looking at. 歯医者 or haisha- dentist. (Kind of easy to tell since 歯 or ha is at the beginning of the kanji. 歯 means tooth.) ばかり or bakari- about, only, merely, or nothing but. 運ぶ or hakobu- to carry. 始める or hajimeru- to begin. 筈 or hazu- should do or ought to do.

I finished trying to figure out the anatomy of Shadow. Then I drew his clothes. Finished coloring his hair, which is multi- colored. Wahoo! Fun with my new pencils! XD Also, colored his eyes, mouth, and skin. I'll color more of it tomorrow. I think he's turning out much better than I thought he would. I still need a bit more practice at anatomy, but I'll have a lot more 'opportunities' coming up. XD So, I'll post him soon. I still say it will be before the end of the week. Maybe in the next couple of days. ;) Somehow, drawing seems to cheer me up a bit. :D

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