Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shikamaru's Theme

From the Naruto soundtrack. His background music. It's kind of cool! I worked more on my story, and realized I had finished the chapter. It always creeps up on me. Laughing I don't plan them out, but I just seem to know when I finished a chapter. So, I posted it on deviantART. I love deviantART! By the way my DA is: http://rcmacdonald.deviantart.com/ I even wonder what will happen next in the story. So many ways it can still go! Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. Somebody on a forum told me he's envious of my talents. Wow! I don't think they're that good!

I also called the SSA, and the automated system really is horrible! The 'machine' doesn't understand what you say even if it's extremely crystal clear! Once I finished with the 'machine' they told me I had another 9 minute wait. They called me back, and I finally talked to an agent. I was nervous by then, and I think I jumped the gun on some questions, but it ended up ok. I told her about my 'conditions' that are 'expected to end in death'. I thought that meant you'll have them for the rest of your life, but she said it's if these things are life threatening. Yeah, they still are, and explained more about them. She gasped when I told her about my 8 month period. Soon after that she tried to get me the earliest appointment she could. It's tomorrow at 9 AM. Hopefully, it will be fine. She said to have a list doctors and meds. If they approve me at the end, have your bank account number ready. I compiled the list of doctors, and there's over 20 in the last few years. Crazy! I just made a small list of meds I'm taking now. If they want more I can name some off the top of my head, and tell them they're probably in my records. There's a ton of meds I've tried. The list would be insane!

I went over the vocab from yesterday to see if it was correct. 中中 or nakanaka- very or considerably. 乍ら or nagara- while. 泣く or naku- to cry. 何故 or naze- why or how. 成るほど or naruhodo- I see, Really!, That's right!, or Indeed. 道具 or dougu- tool. 等々 or toutou- at last, and so on, finally, or after all. 動物園 or doubutsuen- zoo. 通り or toori- street or road. 時 or toki- time, hour, occasion, or moment. 特別 or tokubetsu- special. 床屋 or tokoya- barber. 年 or toshi- year. (Another way of saying it.) I'll list more tomorrow.

We had a Hadassah meeting tonight. It was mainly talking about planning for this year, and how we can improve on things. Since I'm the Secretary, I was a bit tough since people were speaking so fast! There was only a few of us this time. Maybe 7 people. We're used to around 12. Someone said it was probably because some of the other members felt intimidated by the chapter members that came. What's up with that? They were only helping our group, and giving some good ideas for us. Well, it was a really nice potluck too. Mom made quesadillas. There was a nice salad, some sort of tabouleh looking thing (I know it wasn't, but it 'looked' like it), 2 different kinds of quiche, veggies, and hummus with crackers. Dessert was kisses with macademia nuts, grapes, and brownies. Really tasty! :D

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