Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yami Yo

No Mushi Wa Hikari Ni Tsudou by Kamagata Eiichi from the Gintama Original Soundtrack 2. It roughly means A bug's dark night will find its light. Kind of cool. Goes with the series well. :P Today was just a weird day. -_- I decided to go with my dad to go get some more coffee, but only realized when we got into the car that I had stepped in dog crap. It happened earlier after taking care of the recycling. I thought I had just slipped. It was so embarrassing and stinky. After that, apparently people decided to email me all at the same time. It's funny I won't get things from people for a while, and then all of a sudden they all send something to me. What's up with that? :P Oh, yesterday we watched the Apple Cup. I was a student at WSU or Washington State University for a while. So, I feel very strongly for WSU. This is a rivalry football game between the 2 major universities of the state: WSU vs UW (University of Washington.) It was such a horrible game for us! We lost 30 to 0. That's pretty bad. :( It could have been a lot worse, though.

When I got my internet back, I decided to start another series. It's called Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Which means Repent: Goodbye, Mr. Despair. This is the 3rd series of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I started with the 2nd series a while back and loved it. This anime is just awesome. Although, if you don't like dark humor and satire you probably wouldn't like it. The sensei's name, when written horizontally, is read as Zetsubou, meaning despair. Normally, his name is written as Nozomu. He takes all aspects of life in the most negative light possible, and he tries to teach his students about it. His students seem more crazy than he is! O.O

Kafuka: positive person, exact opposite of Nozomu. Chiri: demands everything be organized, precise and equal. Abiru: always wrapped up in bandages, people assume she's a victim of domestic violence, in reality she has a fetish for pulling animals' tails and her injuries are caused by them. Kiri: hides behind her long hair, wears a blanket, takes up permanent residence in a room in the school. Matoi: Nozomu's stalker, follows him everywhere. Nami: 'ordinary',takes great offence when called normal. Harumi: into yaoi and cat ears, very athletic. Maria: an illegal immigrant, unknown nationality, fascinated by food, positive attitude. Meru: very shy, only communicates through text messaging, when forced to speak sputters coarse language, name means mail and her father calls her Merumeru. Kaere: suffers from dissociative disorder. One: a 'Japanese' woman Kaede, gentle personality and is into Japanese culture. Other: Kaere disgusted by Japanese culture, boasts about the country she's from, unknown country, easily offended and threatens to sue everyone, suffered a psychotic breakdown after meeting the other students. Ai: shy, constantly apologizing for things. Manami: married, works multiple jobs to help pay off her husband's debts. Mayo: evil looking girl who commits malicious acts, assumed she's not as evil as she looks, loves to harm Nozomu. Kagero: actual class president, constantly ignored, to the point where he vanishes, only notice him when his bald head is visible. Jun: 'genius storyteller' and is 'a good-looking guy' according to his classmates. There are a lot of other minor students. O.O

This last one was about Nozomu telling his students that being too superstitious can never turn out well. People throw him in jail thinking they'll bring them bad luck. His students bust him out and tell everyone else that he's really a good luck charm. It changes their view on him entirely. Next, was about noticing the bad signs that spring has started. XD I'll talk more about the other shows I watched tomorrow. ;)

I reviewed more of the vocab. Wrote out the vocab up to the さ or sa section. Since I don't have much time, I plan to have half the time tomorrow for reviewing vocab and the other half for reviewing the grammar. I only have exactly a week until the test. O.O

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