Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fuusen Gamu

by Captain Straydum from the Gintama soundtrack. Hi! I decided to wear my 'devil' horns, red and black sweater, black pants, black beaded necklace, and my new orange pumpkin earrings for Halloween. Wasn't really trying to be anything this year, so it made it a bit easier. Parents came home just before the kids started trick or treating. They brought some KFC- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and biscuits for dinner. I haven't had anything fried in a while, so it was nice. :P Obviously, we had some candy for dessert. :D Some of the little kids looked so scared, I felt like picking them up and hugging them. Kind of weird coming from me. There was a kid who said trick or trick. XD I almost said no candy for you then, but thought that would be too mean. We watched Night of the Living Dead while I stopped every few minutes to give out candy. I like that movie, but I was disappointed that there wasn't much of a selection of other movies. It was funny watching Medium again after the movie. They did a spoof on it. Also, during all this there was an orange cat that decided that our porch was safe from the kids. One of our neighbors owns it and we see it every once in a while. It was really friendly and looked like it wanted to eat the candy. Also, it was trying to come in the house. Eventually, one of the kids saw it, and took it away somewhere. After I told them it wasn't ours and that it's ok if it was there. O.O I hope it's alright now.

Last night, I had the fullest night's sleep I've had in a while. I kind of slacked off a bit today. XD So, this probably won't be too long. :P I played a few games. I seem to be addicted to one called Diner City. You try to compete against another restaurant for the most customers and money. The more money you get the more things you can buy. I like the sushi restaurant, so I usually pick that one. You can have music playing outside for the customers, a singer, neon lights, menus outside, summer seating, a pond, and more. The more stuff I can buy the more addicting it becomes. XD Also, the more the customers that are happy the more money you'll get. The other game I played was called Naruto: Battle for Leaf Village. Very addicting too. You go around killing other ninjas, picking up new weapons, new techniques, killing snakes, etc. I beat the game though, so I guess it wasn't much of a challenge, but it was still fun! :P

I'm going to skip to the practice problem I finished today. ^_^ They said for the next sentences, don't respond to the blanks. They'll be a question at the end to answer. It was a pretty long dialogue between 2 guys one named Tom and the other Yamamoto. I'll summarize it English. It's about Tom asking what's good at a restaurant called Manpukua. Yamamoto says the Tempura is best, and Tom asks how much it is. He says around 1,500 yen, which would be equivalent to about $15. It's too expensive for him, so he asks for a cheaper place. So, Yamamoto tells him where the closest cheap place is, which is Gohana. Tom thanks him in the end. The question was is Mr. Tom going to go to Manpukua? Options:
安いですから、いきます。(To go, because it's cheap.)
高いですから、行きません。(Not go, because it's expensive.)
おいしいですから、行きます。(To go, because it's tasty.)
とおですから、行きません。(Not go, because it's too far.)
The answer I figured out was the second one. It was too expensive, and he asked for a cheaper restaurant. :P It was fun figuring out the dialogue. Next one is about a letter. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. :P Oh, and apparently someone said they liked the 4th chapter so far, and will read the rest later. It's nice to hear people are still looking at it.

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