Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Decisive Battle

By Yasuharu Takanashi from the Naruto Shippuden the Movie Soundtrack. Hi! The 5th seems to be getting more and more fun to write. Might be one of the most fun ones so far. :P I also got a chance to play my clarinet, which wasn't too bad. I keep forgetting to get a new screw for my ligature, so it doesn't sound as good as it should. Also, since there's not much holding it together, it tends to squeak more. I also watched some of TV Japan. The first thing was about how you can make your family stamp or seal. Each person has to have a seal or stamp with their family name in Kanji on all official documents. Foreigners, if they plan to live in Japan, have to go to a special place to get a kanji assigned to them. Usually this seal is very expensive, but this was showing a cheap way on how to make one yourself. You take an eraser, draw on the kanji with a pencil, cut away the edges of the eraser, dig out the kanji symbol design, cover that part with red ink, and there you have your seal or stamp. It sounds nice and easy. :P The next thing was about hiking mountains. It was interesting to see what they do when hiking, what their lodge was like, and to see their food. Finally, I watched some of the Kendo tournament, which was supposed to go for about 2 hours. I lost interest after it seemed like nothing was happening and they kept screaming. It looked a lot like fencing. I've seen it in anime, but not much in real life, so that was interesting to see for a little while.

Hidan and Kakuzu end up killing the nibi jinchuuriki or 2 tailed beast's host. They later extract the nibi. The nibi is a demon cat, but is also known as the Living Ghost. (It's pictured at the top.) Hidan and Kakuzu are members of the Akatsuki. Hidan is a part of a religious sect called Jashin, and they're deity has the same name. Jashin means Evil G-d. They believe if they don't cause death and destruction in battle it's considered a sin. O.O His technique always starts with a ritual. After he has tasted his opponents blood and draws the symbol for his deity in his own blood, if he harms himself his opponent gets hurt too. He can kill them by inflicted severe wounds on himself, which don't affect him since he's immortal. O.O Kakuzu calls himself the Akatsuki treasurer, and is always thinking about money. (I'll talk more about him later.) They make a very weird team. They invade a Konoha Buddhist temple. (The monks themselves are ninja too. :P) And kill all the head monks. Kakashi starts training Naruto again. He tells him the essential techniques he'll learn are altering the nature of his chakra and altering its shape.

Today, I started writing a letter entirely in Japanese. I'm trying to use as much kanji as possible in it. I'm also writing it down and typing it, so I don't get rusty in either one. I think I only got about 3 sentences done. The last one I'm still not positive about, and need to look at it more carefully. The other 2 are pretty simple. This is the letter so far that I'm sure of:

In English:
To Mr. Tanaka

Hello! (Or good afternoon.) How are you? I'm fine.
We'll see what I can write on it tomorrow. :D

In Gintama, it was mainly about trying to get Tsukuyo to have a good time. Hinowa set up Gintoki by telling him he'll get all the free alcohol and food he wants since he saved the town countless times. She tells Tsukuyo that an important customer is coming by and tells her to 'service' him. (All the women in this town are prostitutes.) She agrees. Then the place where Gintoki is told that there's free alcohol being served, is the one where Tsukuyo thought she had to service an important customer. Their faces were priceless when they found out. XD Gintoki offers her some alcohol, and everything goes crazy from there. It makes her incredibly violent. She beats him up, and forces alcohol down his throat. He ends up a bit tipsy. Funny thing is Hinowa's never seen Tsukuyo have alcohol, and finds out that she doesn't tolerate it too well. After beating everyone up for a while, (after she sees them spying on her) she passes out. When she wakes up she thanks everyone for being there for her. I like that they finally had a funny episode after all that serious stuff.

I drew the rest of the outline of the girl's kimono, and inked it. Then, I started a bit of the pattern for it. I'm starting to like it the more I draw it, but I think I have to go a bit slow since I'm still learning what I want for my own style. I might have some youtube videos up tomorrow. ^_^ So, more fun things to come.

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