Friday, November 6, 2009

Water Dragon

By Yasuharu Takanashi from the Naruto Shippuden Movie Soundtrack. Hi! Today I took it a bit easy, since this week has been going well. (So, it will be a short post.) I finally got a chance to go on the forums, which I haven't done in a while. :P People were wondering where I went. I still have so many ideas coming at me for my story and drawing, even though I didn't work on them today. It's really awesome! XD

I thought it would be good if I reviewed a bit of the particles, since there are a couple I get a little confused about. Doing this made me sort them out even more. (I already knew it well enough to answer the practice test questions correctly. I guess I'm a bit nervous since the actual test is next month. Good to review anyways. :P)

は: is a topic marker, shows contrast, adds emphasis.

が: but, sentence subject (occasionally object), however, still, of?, that?

に: indicates a person's (or thing's) location, in, indirect objects (usually 'to'), direction ('toward', 'to', 'by'), purpose or intent ('for' or 'to').

で: at, at location, in, time of action, and then, so, by.

と: and, if, when, with, used for quoting.

を: the, indicates direct object of action, subject of causative expression, time (period) over which action takes place, point of departure.

や: such things as, and... and, no sooner than...

も: also, too, words of similar weight, about (emphasizing an upper limit), as much as, even.

の: possessive, substituting for が in subordinate phrases, emotional emphasis (sentence end- usually a feminine), question (sentence end).

へ: direction or goal (e.g. 'to').

So, on Sunday I'll continue the letter. :P Tomorrow's my Birthday! Wahoo! I'll probably know what my mom's planning tonight. I can't wait! Hopefully, it's something fun. I keep wondering what she has planned, but I'm not coming up with much. :P Oh, and I got a nice card from both my grandparents and the congregation. Although, the one from our congregation misspelled what Happy Birthday is in Hebrew. In fact, it came out as just jibberish. Even the transcription was a bit messed up. XD By the way, to say it in Hebrew it's transcribed as Yom huledet sameach. Which looks like this in Hebrew:
יום הולדת שמח

A picture of the Gakupo Vocaloid. He always looks like a Samurai. He looks kind of cool. Gackt, who's a very talented Japanese musician who used to be the vocalist for a group called Malice Mazer. He's also a poet, actor, designer, composer, and model. O.O He's performed in English, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese. So, he's a bit of a linguist too. :P He lent his voice and stage name for Gakupo.

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