Monday, November 16, 2009

Marukaite Chikyuu (Italy Version)

By Daisuke Namikawa on the Hetalia soundtrack. (The original version of the song.) Hi! Well, today was weird! :P Feels like my permanent retainer might actually be falling out! O.O We can't do much about it until Wednesday. Wahoo! -_- My contacts just aren't clearing up very well today, and I had to throw away my last contacts. I only used them for a week! Hopefully tomorrow they'll be better. Also, the internet had a horrible connection. Seems like something was against me this morning. :P My mom's not feeling good either. She got to play some in her Mah Jong group. She won a few hands! ^_^ But, on the way home she felt the same as she did a couple of days ago. Where there's massive pain building up in her stomach, almost like severe heart burn and a lot of gas all rolled into one. She might also have a fever. Not very fun. :( I hope she feels better soon. Oh, on top of this it's been extremely windy and rainy. I think they said the wind is going to hit up to 25 to 50 mph in our area. I think it's already been at the high end of that.

I finished correcting chapter 5 and posted it to my deviantART. If you don't know the link here it is: I kind of like how it turned out. Didn't expect it to mostly be about the restaurant. Next chapter should be interesting too. ;) I can't wait to start it!

Shikamaru immobilizes Hidan and Kakuzu with his shadow mimic jutsu. His plan from that point backfires though. Naruto learns that the elemental chakra have vulnerabilities. Fire is stronger than wind, but weak against water. Wind is weak against fire, but strong against lightening. With this reasoning Yamato says Naruto's new Rasengan jutsu (uses wind) can defeat Sasuke's Chidori (uses lightening). Kakuzu can harden his body like steel. Kakashi rips out Kakuzu's heart while he's distracted. Doesn't kill him though. Masks come out of his body with threads that make their 'bodies' and connect back to him. One of these 'masks' is dead. Each mask uses a different element. Plus, each one has their own heart. So, altogether Kakuzu has 5 hearts. O.O Each heart is from a ninja he's killed. Shikamaru distracts Hidan and attaches his shadow mimic jutsu back to him. He starts to run Hidan into the forest. Kakuzu was the one who killed the Shodai or the first Hokage. He takes hearts from people as soon as his stops from old age. Hidan thinks he has Shikamaru under his jutsu, but he slipped some of Kakuzu's blood on the scythe. So, when Hidan stabbed himself, he stabbed his partner in one of his hearts. (So, 3 more hearts to go.) Shikamaru tries to decapitate Hidan but only leaves a deep gash. The team that's battling Kakuzu get wrapped up in his threads freezing them from moving. Naruto comes in just in time with his new jutsu with Yamato, Sai, and Sakura. (The team's in the picture above.)

I reviewed a bit more on vocab and figured a couple more sentences. Here's the entire letter so far:

今日は!お元気ですか。結構です。今日の天気はどうですか。今はとても寒い。何歳ですか。私は二十五歳。あなたは音楽が好きですか。私は音楽がとても好きだ。私はクラリネットを奏でます。ゲームは好きですか。面白いですね。最近映画を見ましたか。この間、私は「X- Men Origins: Wolverine」をみました。いいレストランをごぞんじ近間でしょうか。何か物近間に出来事ですか。何処があなたをから居ますか。
The last sentence, which is basically the new one in English means where are you from? It looks kind of cool so far. :P

In Hetalia, Russia introduced his two sisters. Ukraine who's the oldest, poor, a crybaby, and reliable. Belarus who's the youngest, pretty, wants to 'become one' with him, scares him, strong- willed, but not in a good way. :P (She's the one on the left, obviously. Not a very good picture of her, but it's something.) Russia wonders why Ukraine avoids him. When Ukraine became independent in 1991 she tried to avoid Russia even more, and becomes friends with other European countries and America. Belarus is apparently the last dictatorship in Europe. Economy is weak but she spends all her time and effort on agriculture, and believing: "As long as there's something to eat, we'll be ok." She loves Russia so much, she's forgetting her own native language. Russia hates it, doesn't think anything good will come from them being together, but it'll also be bad if she makes friends with America, so he's in a tight situation. XD

I did some new escape games from Gamershood. None were all that exciting. I hope they'll get better ones soon. For drawing, I came up with a better color scheme than before. It's a lot better looking now for the mountains. Although, I messed up part of the mountain on the left side, because I had already started on the weird scheme I had before. But, it actually seems to flow a bit into the new one. Maybe it's better than I think. I made the tops of the peaks look more like glaciers with shadows. I like how that turned out. :D I'm pretty close to finishing it. Wahoo!

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