Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uchuu Ichi...

Baka Na Samurai Da Kono Yaroo! by Kamagata Eiichi from the Original Gintama Soundtrack 2. It roughly means This Samurai seems to be the biggest idiot in the universe. :P It's kind of an uplifting song though. It's played in the background, I think, when a character overcomes some sort of struggle. Hi! Today I seem to be a little distracted by things. I woke up a bit late and wasn't able to do everything.

For Japanese, I looked a bit through my Bilingual Tokyo city map. I haven't looked at it in a while. It's funny that the kanji for areas are pronounced different than what they look. For instance, in the name 東京 or Tokyo, the first kanji means East but is usually pronounced as higashi. The second kanji, ok, sounds like its supposed to. It's kyou which means imperial capital or just capital. So if broken down it's East capital. Makes sense since Kyoto used to be the capital. Some of the other names didn't make as much sense, but there might be more behind them. :D As I was trying to work more on the letter, the online database I use for referrence was down for a bit. I guess people are overloading the system, because they're worried about the test. I am too, but I didn't think everyone used this site! Luckily, they fixed it eventually, and I was able to work some on it.

Games are fun (or interesting)!
Have you seen any movies lately?

I hope to get more done on this letter tomorrow. So far it looks good, though. XD Oh, another thing is, I was searching for a better explanation of what ね at the end of sentences mean. It can been used like the Canadian eh? (Similar to huh? or right?) Or to add emphasis, or emotion to a sentence. Also, when talking to friends, at the beginning of a sentence, it's like saying Hey! Very interesting. I kind of figured that, but wanted to make sure. ^_^

In Hetalia, America and his 'superior' are talking about coming up with ways to take away Japan's willpower to fight. America says if the statue of Liberty were to suddenly turn into an ugly chick he would lose his will to fight. So, they think about what's the biggest national symbol of Japan. They decide it's Mount Fuji, and come up with a 'plan' to dye it red. :P Really stupid idea! But, they try anyways. XD Next they try to think of how to take Russia's willpower away. They ask Russia to send what America considers to be large condoms. The package that's sent says XS. It was pretty funny! XD France and England try to spread rumors about Germany. (He's in the picture above.) When England suggests spreading rumors about Italy, France is crying and says he's not a bad guy. So, England gets the idea of spreading rumors about Germany to Italy. It back fires and he becomes depressed, saying he's pissed that they have such a good relationship.

I colored the kimono the girl in my drawing's wearing. If I see another sakura petal I think I'm going to kill someone! XD I think this part was the most painstaking thing I've colored so far. The end result is really growing on me though! Much better than I thought it would! Next, is shading and coloring the background. That shouldn't take as long, but we'll see. :P I might try and write more of my story tonight. Although, I highly doubt I'll have time for it. Hopefully I won't be as distracted tomorrow.

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