Monday, November 9, 2009

Heroes Come Back!!

By nobodyknows+ from the Naruto Shippuden soundtrack. Was the first opening theme for Shippuden. Another cool sounding song! :P Hi! My story's coming along nicely still. Getting pretty far into the 5th chapter. Surprised that I'm still coming up with things. Oh, another cool thing: my contacts lasted for 18 days! A new record for me! ^_^ Naruto quickly learns how to rip the waterfall in half. O.O Asuma's one of the 12 Guardian ninja. Which later I'll explain who they are. Apparently, Naruto's one of the few who can use both nature and shape manipulation. He hasn't combined them yet. Kakashi says that the Rasengan is an incomplete jutsu, the 4th didn't have time to finish it.

Today, I kept going with the letter from before.
English: What games do you like? Still not sure if it's exactly right, going to look it up more tomorrow. Also, worked a bit on saying games are fun!
Gintama was about character popularity polls. Apparently this was the second poll they've shown. The first was in the manga. They also compared the characters' ranks from last time. A lot of the characters were new, though. I love almost all the characters, so it would have been hard to rank them, to me. A few of the rankings:

22. Justaway (It's not even a person, it's a toy turned into a weapon. They haven't used this joke in a long time!)
16. Hideaki (The original creator. :P)
13. Sadaharu
11. Elizabeth (She hasn't changed in ranks.)
8. Shinpachi (The guy in the picture)
6. Kagura
5. Katsura
3. Toshiro
2. Sougo
1. Gintoki (Obviously!)

The actual title of this episode was Screw Popularity Polls. I like that they're getting back to the funnier side of Gintama. Yamazaki and Shinpachi are complaining about how horrible their ranks are. (9th and 8th) Later, they find out that someone's trying to alter the poll. This person made Yamazaki's rank plummet to 93rd. O.O Everyone ends up accusing each other. Kyubei tells Otae and Ayame she plans to 'eliminate' everyone who ranks higher than her. Afterwards, she plans to kill herself so Otae can become top ranked. They later see that a new character (Tsukuyo) was ranked higher than any of them. Ayame gets pissed when she hears that Gintoki has been spending a lot of screentime with Tsukuyo lately. Otae, Kyubei, and Ayame all agree Tsukuyo has too many 'hooks' that draw the audience in. Kyubei and Ayame decide on 'dealing' with Tsukuyo. Otae is going to 'take down' the creator Hideaki. Shinpachi immediately says that will end the anime if the creator's dead. :P I like how in the ending credits they show all the characters' ranks next to them.

I started coloring the girl in my drawing. I don't think I got her hair dark enough. I can change that I guess, by using some of my shading pencil. It's actually turning out a lot better than I thought. So, now I have the hair, skin, socks, shoes, face, and parts of the flower patterns on her kimono colored. But, that's really not much of it. Took me a while to figure out which colors to use. It took a while last time too. ^_^
This was an extremely cute game about a baby dragon trying to find its captured mother. It was cute but scary at the same time. It was a point and click game where you help it by switching on things, figuring out puzzles for it, etc. At some point he has to go through gas chambers and fly a helicoptor over things that stick down from the sky and things jutting up from the ground. Quite an entertaining game. :P Also, the Cool Japan thing was very interesting. They pick a topic and ask a panel of 10 people from different countries about products from Japan. Last night's was Child Rearing, comparing it between Japan and other countries. The first couple took their kid to the parks. One park was where a kid can draw with sidewalk chalk all over the area. Another place was a tire playground. It was kind of cool looking. The next part was about clothes for nursing women and how some companies there let them bring their kids to work. The last one was about the guy who created pull- ups. Pretty funny to see the dramatization of his tests. Everyone agreed the best product was the pull- ups. (Not my kind of topic, but they say they have a variety of others.)

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