Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Back! ^_^

Hi! Sorry, I lost my internet connection and that's why I haven't posted in so long. I just got it back late Wednesday night. We had to get a new router and new adapter for me. Now it runs smoother and faster than before. So, it's new and improved! XD

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving. We went to a friends of the family's house. My mom made beef Lit'l Smokies cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, and other tangy type things. It was very good! Dave smoked a turkey again, and that's always good. They made gravy too. Also, some asperagus in a bread crumb dressing. I like it, but my parents didn't. Also had cranberry sauce from a can, which is far better than their cranberry relish in my opinion. :P Mom had also made a salad with some dried cranberries on top. The stuffing was good, except for it being really hard and dry. They also made candied sweet potatoes which I hate, but everybody else seemed to like. For dessert, Val made her fudge- like brownies and pumpkin pie. Was really good. After that we played Trivial Pursuit. Guys against girls. It was actually close this time, but the guys won. I think they had the easy questions. XD Towards the end of that, I got tired of it, and played with their dog. Her name's Zoe, and she's only 2 years old. I think she's a German Shephard and Husky mix. (Could be wrong, but I think I remember them saying that.) Still has her puppy energy! :P We played a game similar to soccer with her tennis ball. She was very good at it though. She would catch the ball before it even hit the ground. At one point, I kicked it behind me. I tricked her so well she didn't know where to look. It was funny she must have spent 5 minutes searching for it. Eventually, I pointed her in the right direction. She was so happy and wanted to play even more. O.O I thought I would make her angry at me or something. She looked so out of breath when I stopped when we were about to leave. But, she still wanted to play some more! I think I would have played with her all night, but we needed to leave. :(

I wrote more of my story this week too. I think I'm up to about 45 pages now! ^_^ It's awesome how much I've written. It's really fun to me. At some point, I hope to draw the characters out. I know it will be soon, but I want to draw my holiday themed ones first. :P I do have such a vivid image of each character in my head, which makes it a bit easier to draw. Doesn't mean I'll get it perfect the first time I draw them. :P I also read some of my grandpa's story. Since a lot of people asked about his life, he decided to write it out. The beginning was interesting. His aunt and uncle were taking care of him and his older sister. His younger sister was put in an orphanage and later taken in by them too. Eventually, his actual parents said they were going to take care of all 3 of them. The reason they were living with his aunt and uncle for a while, was because their mom was in an asylum. She had a nervous breakdown. So, after she was better they thought they could finally take care of their kids. The older sister didn't want to have anything to do with it and demanded to live with their aunt and uncle. So, it was just him and his sister. I didn't want to read it, because the little I read before seemed kind of weird. I don't know I guess it was bad of me, but I didn't feel up to it. It took me not having the internet to actually read it. :(

I also had some fun with the Sims 2, because I was just bored enough when I didn't have the internet. I haven't played that in ages! The funny thing is I made one of my sims so crazy that a therapist came flying in using an umbrella. When he got to her he made her look into a spinning wheel. She made a lot of weird noises. Then, he shook her a bit. After that, he flew off using his umbrella again. O.O It seemed like she was fine after that. Although, a few minutes later she started to talk to what she called Mr. Professor Ball. XD It was too funny to see her talk to it! I tried to cheer her up by having her talk to her boyfriend. But, it seemed to only make her frustrated. The other family, was just a wreck after only going through a couple of days with them. One of the teens fell asleep in the middle of the road. Another, just couldn't get his fun meter up. The only one that was doing ok was their dad. But, then he started to go crazy too, since he was so worried about them. I don't think I should have made him have 2 teenagers. :P The whole thing was just hilarious to me.

The parts of Orochimaru that Kabuto used have already taken over a third of his body. Next, it was Sasuke vs. Deidara. Was a pretty cool fight, just like the anime. They showed a bit of Deidara's past too. He was originally hired by terrorists to blow things up with his sculptures. He fought Itachi and had made a deal that if Itachi wins he'll join Akatsuki. Obviously, he wins. :P He was captivated by Itachi's eyes, and worked hard to perfect his 'art' to beat him. He also trained his eye to counter the Sharingan, so he can slowly see through any Genjutsu they use.

I've been reviewing all of the vocab from the list by handwriting them out. I'm already to the end of the く or ku section. That's another thing, I'm beginning to write faster in it. Kind of cool to see. :D I hope to review more of the grammar when I'm done writing out the vocab. After that, I hope to have some time to keep going with the letter I'm making. I only have until the 6th. So, I'm getting a bit nervous. But, in a way I'm really excited and happy about the whole thing. I guess that's normal for something like this. :P

Since, I watched so much anime lately, I think I'll tell you about them Sunday. Well, I just told my psychiatrist about how I haven't really felt normal or 'stable' since I missed a dosage just before Halloween. I asked her if she could up my dosage, because I think it will help a great deal. I feel so weird about asking for something like this though. I know I shouldn't, but I still do. The downside of that is my insurance runs out on the 1st, so I need to get a new prescription before that. I'm hoping she'll respond quickly. Also, I won't be able to go to the next appointment with her because of it. (Without it costing a buttload of money.) Hopefully this will work out though. Oh, almost forgot! My dad gave me awesome speakers for my computer. The sound's so clear! :D He also gave me his sub woofer. XD I can feel it vibrating through my feet!

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