Friday, September 24, 2010

Satsuki (皐月)


By Kagrra. It means 5th month or May. This is an archaic/traditional way to write it. The more common/modern way is 五月. (Which makes more sense to me since 五 is 5.:icontinoplz:) Kind of interesting. I love this one. I seem to like a lot of their songs.:iconspainplz:Sounds pretty, and has a nice driving beat. I'll have to get more songs this weekend!:iconberwaldplz:I haven't added any since I took out about half of my songs.

It's still a little cooler than normal, and cloudy. Today's the 2nd day of Sukkot! I finally shook the lulav and etrog. Our etrog is very fragrant this year. Also, the Hadassah meeting was actually fun.:iconchibipolandplz:I'm taking Kuroshitsuji 2 off my list. Even if it turns out similar to the 1st season, it was getting old.:iconnataliaplz: I'll still read the manga. (Or maybe I'll switch it to something else too, but might go back to it.) I need something more fresh, fun, exciting, and enjoyable. I'll choose something soon. 

I wrote more of chapter 12. The ideas are flowing like crazy.:typerhappy:Good thing I have a trusty notebook now.:iconchibiamericaplz:I forgot half the great stuff I had before, because I didn't write them down.:iconswissplz:Plus, a lot of those ideas happen while I'm sleeping or trying to.:sleep:I'm also figuring things out for a new character. She's one of the few women I have in the story compared to, like, an army of men.:iconkikuplz:I need to even it out a bit. She seems to be one of the clearer, more detailed characters in my head. I've had a few of them that are like that. I don't know why that happens sometimes. 
In Hetalia, it was a chibitalia extra. This time with Spain and Romano.:iconchibispainplz::iconchibiromanoplz:Spain thinks there's something wrong with Romano. He bursts into tears suddenly, and his arms and legs jerk irregularly as if he were dancing. His boss suggested that music was the solution, so he played and sang to Romano. It seemed to 'cure' him. America cleans out his storage. He has such a hard time throwing things out, because he's nostalgic. I liked this part in the anime, although the guy who voices America sounds a bit funny when he attempts to speak English. (Understandable, though.) The one who voices England, is awesome at it!:iconchibihungaryplz:Next, was about how each country celebrates Christmas. Italy, watches the light shows, bakes a turkey, and gives gifts. America, has a big party, watches the light shows, makes 'snacks' with Christmas colors, and cuts down as many trees as possible. Russia, there's a story about an old man that creates miracles called Ded Moroz. So, they display a lot of Ded Moroz dolls for decoration. Then, there's a story that the dolls come to life at the stroke of midnight on December 25th. In China decorating Christmas trees are prohibited by law. They tried to learn about it from Hong Kong, but ended up just eating pizza on that day. In France they treat Santa to some wine. In Finland, everyone goes to a Christmas sauna. In Germany, their Christmas market is famous. They eat snacks, and make adventkranz or an advent wreath. England shied away from their questions about it. Next, they're going to introduce a lot of the characters. I like the pic above from it. I've read it before, but haven't seen it with Hetalia characters. 
I finished a sentence from the udon packet, and I started on the contact info. お気づきの点がありましたら下記までご連絡ください。(Oki zuki no ten ga arimashitara kaki made gorenraku.) If you have questions or comments, please direct them to the following contacts. I picked up another newspaper. This time with English through the first half, and starting from the back to the middle it's in Japanese. Kind of cool.:iconchibisitalyplz:

In Shiki, the monk's novel is titled 'Shiki'. It's about a man who everything he touches turns to dust, but his brother could bring things back to life. He loved his brother, but one day, he killed him. It seemed like for no reason.:iconamericasadchibiplz:Back to the anime, I like how they try to make you relate or get attached to the characters. It makes it more interesting, and I guess more 'human'.:iconheroamericaplz:The story's getting really good, yet creepier.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

I'm still figuring out how I want to color my drawing in Photoshop. But, next time, I plan to move on and start the drawings for the Flavor Meme. Otherwise, I might become really rusty. :iconohboyamericaplz:

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