Monday, September 27, 2010

Fifth Day of Sukkot


Wahoo! It's the 5th day!:iconyaykumajiroplz:I ate once under it so far. Hopefully, in the few remaining days, I'll get a chance to do it again.:iconchibicanadaplz:Today started out as a nasty rainy day. But, later it turned really nice and warm. Dad made roasted lamb and potatoes with some vegetables for dinner yesterday. Sounds good, right? Well, the lamb wasn't cooked all the way. In fact, most of it was raw.:iconwtfromanoplz:We ate it kind of to make her feel better. (And, it was great that she cooked.) But, we're all sick today. Oh joy!:iconkikuplz:Mom, I think, got the brunt of it. She's been having a very hard time all day. I haven't been as bad, but I still feel sick to my stomach.:sick:Oh, and early this morning, the smoke detector was beeping because it was low on batteries. I couldn't get to it right away, so it was really annoying.:iconchibienglandplz:

I had a doctor's appointment today. There was a weird thing on my back, and I wanted him to check it out. While we were waiting, the nurse asked if I wanted the flu shot. I got it, and then Mom got one. The doctor looked at my back and said it was just a 'skin tag'. Sounded nasty.:icongermanyplz:He said it was nothing to worry about, but he'll remove it. He told me that it will be the smallest type of surgery I'll ever have. He gave me a shot of novocaine around the area, froze it (I think), and 'snipped' it off. His words not mine. Snipped off sounds really disturbing to me.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:He bandaged it, and that was it. I do have to watch it, and keep it covered for a bit. Also, I have to have someone help me with the dressing. It was disgusting when I glanced over at the container he put it in.:iconromanoplz:So, I feel poked, prodded, and a bit sick. Go me!:dummy:

I posted a pic: Lizard It's already gotten a fave! I worked a bit more on my new character for the story. Played more Irish tunes. It wasn't too bad. The reason why it probably wasn't stellar was, I had problems getting the ligature in the right spot (the screw's still loose), haven't played for a while, and I felt sick. Got most of the contact info for the udon package translated. 
In Kuroshitsuji, Doll went off to tell Joker about 'Smile' and 'Black'. Will says at some point, "Tomorrow everything will end." Joker tells his 'father' about Smile and Black possibly finding the letter. At first, they think Smile and Black were a part of the Yard. But, his father realizes that the real name of Smile is Ciel, and he's been looking for him. Ciel's feeling better. Soma told Sebastian to be nice and fawn over him. After Ciel wakes up, Sebastian tells him that a butler should think about his master's health first. Then, gives him a ton of food. Ciel starts to freak out. Elizabeth's at the main house, and won't leave until Ciel comes back. Before they go back, they head to the place where Joker and his father live. 
In Letter Bee, there's a letter that the sender (Promesa) doesn't want delivered. It's to Pristis, his fiancee, and it's full of seeds. Seeds that when they hit the air, grow rapidly and bloom. It said that if she will still wait for him, plant the seeds. (She's been waiting for 5 years.) He searches for Lag who's the deliverer. Lag bumps into Garradd. He's trying to marry Pristis in order to get ownership of her land. Garradd makes a feast for Lag, and puts him to sleep. (Sleeping pills in the food.) Then, steals the letter. He goes to Pristis' place and demands she sign over the land, or he'll burn the letter. Promesa, Lag, and Niche arrive just in time. Niche tries to get the letter back, but rips it in half, and the seeds go flying. Resulting in a field of flowers. (In the pic above.) Promesa eventually asks Pristis to marry him again. Then, the flowers spread quickly and the whole area's covered in them. It attracts a lot of travelers. 

I colored Ravel with colored pencils. He looks even cooler.:iconchibihungaryplz:Although, I wanted his skin to look tan, now he's kind of a golden color. It's different, but it's growing on me. I'm going to start the Flavor Meme tomorrow.

I just made fried fish, garlic and olive oil couscous, and peas for dinner. So good! Came out awesome!:iconprussiaplz:

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