Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be Late for Something Day!


This one sounds funny!:iconheroamericaplz:But, I guess once in a while, it's ok to be late or to procrastinate.:iconfrancisplz:I wonder how this one came about? I forgot to post the month-long holidays too! AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month, Apple Month, Backpack Safety Month, Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Mold Awareness Month, National Chicken Month, National Honey Month, National Piano Month, National Rice Month, World Animal Remembrance Month. Wow! A lot for the month!:wow:A lot of them are for causes and things we might take for granted, so it's good to celebrate them.:iconchibisitalyplz:
It's been cold pretty much all weekend.:iconnataliaplz:Definitely feels like Fall already. I painted my nails 'electric blue'. (In pic, which was oddly hard to find.:icongermanyplz:) Looks kind of cool. I used to be so into nail polish.:iconchibihungaryplz:When I was about 13, I decided to have a different color every week. I guess I got sick of it for a while after that. (I kept it up for a few years, though.:iconchibirussiaplz:) Now I want to get back into it. I have almost 30 different colors still.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:So, there's a wide and diverse pallet. A lot of them are pretty funky colors, because I used to (and still) love bold unique ones.:iconprussiaplz:My fave used to be a metallic purple. Another one, which I can't seem to find at the moment, changed colors. Something from like, red to gold, which changes with temperature. Another one has huge gold confetti mixed in with a light gold base. I've got a lot of frosted ones too. (Snow, Blueberry, Raspberry, etc.) It's sad that while going through them today, I found out another one of my faves had dried up.:iconromanoplz:Oh, well. There are others. I'm thinking of wearing my metallic purple one with my purple dress Wednesday night. (When Rosh Hashanah starts.) Might go well together.:iconchibicanadaplz:

I went to services again!:dummy:Dad came with us this time! Our old cantor led it. It was such a horrible turnout.:iconwtfromanoplz:I thought, surely, since it's the Shabbat before the High Holy Days, it would at least be twice the norm. Wrong!:iconwtfukplz:And, it was very rude, that right after the Torah service part, half the people left. It was unbelievable!:iconlietplz:There's still a few things after it. I agreed with what she said in her drash. I usually agree with both cantors. The Rabbi's the one that I feel a bit iffy about.:iconkikuplz:

Later, we went to Hakata. One of our fave Japanese restaurants. We got a sushi sampler, that has California rolls, tekka maki (tuna), and kappa maki (cucumber). I always take some of the tuna and cucumber rolls. I can't stand the other one. Like usual, they give everybody pickled bean sprouts and miso soup, too. Their miso soup isn't exactly the best, but I love their pickled bean sprouts. I ordered the chicken teri don. Or chicken teriyaki rice bowl. It was so good!:iconitalyplz:It's one of my faves. Then, I ordered some fried ice cream. I love their version!:iconchibispainplz:Ice cream enveloped with cake, and then fried in tempura batter. It's awesome! I'm usually not into too many fried foods, but that one's an exception! 

After that, we went to look for make up for Dad. I realized while we were there, that I'm running out of my powdered foundation. But, I wasn't sure what to get. So, I'll do that next time. I've been using this one for a very long time. (Which, I still feel is probably not very safe.) Then, we went to Barnes & Noble. Mom found a not too bad Jewish calendar (sometimes called a Hebrew calendar), and an interesting Japanese woodblock print calendar for me. The Jewish one is really small, but it has a lot of interesting holidays in it. The Japanese one has some really pretty prints. Some of them are famous. So, I'm happy with what I have now for calendars.:iconhappychinaplz:Although, I'd like an anime themed one, but that's ok. Like, more Naruto Shippuden. I'm a little tired of that one, though.:iconpolandplz:So, maybe Gintama, or maybe Hetalia? Maybe next year? I'll still put it on my list. If just to remember what ones I'd like.:iconspainplz:

I also saw a heron flying over the car while we went out today.:iconchibifinlandplz:I know they're habitat is near us, but we rarely see them. Huge wing span, a bit slow, big bodies, and that funky neck. They're cool to see. We also had maple bar donuts tonight and last night. Those have got to be one of my top faves.:iconhungaryplz:(If not the fave.) They're so good! Tasha's been 'talking' and hugging me a lot today. Kind of seems like she's either lonely, affectionate, or just bored.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

deviantART faves: Where Are You? Little Gintoki Blank Original Character Meme I did not make these! First, a sad, but awesome drawing of Russia. Second, a cute chibi-fied version of Gintoki. Third, another awesome oc meme. It's mostly a writing meme. About 10 of your oc's. I can draw like small versions of their heads off to the side, though. Sounds really fun, and maybe quicker to do? 

Funny Indian commercial:

Awesome! A Hetalia vid that's a parody on Kyouran Kazoku Nikki's opening theme. I love that show too! And, they hinted that they would come back, but still haven't. If you haven't seen the series, go check it out! It's hilarious! Yet, it still has a deep plot, and the characters seem 'unique'. Pair that show with Hetalia? It's more than awesome!

A fun vid featuring Spain:

I love takoyaki! I probably shouldn't though. (Not very kosher, unless I do his variations)

Finally, a version of Love is War, that won't make my ears bleed during the Ahhh! part. Other than that, I've always liked this song. Akaito has a much lower and deep voice than Kaito. (Although, they're technically the same 'voice'.)

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