Tuesday, September 14, 2010



By Kagrra. (Also written as 悲文.) I've seen people translate it as Sorrowful Writings. But, maybe a better one is Compassionate Writings? Either way, it's pretty similar.:iconkikuplz:It's one of my top faves. Kind of a haunting, yet soothing sound. I'm surprised that I didn't post this one before.:iconpolandplz:I need to find more songs again!:iconberwaldplz:Especially, since I weeded out a lot of the ones I was sick of. 

It was pretty nice and warm today.:iconchibicanadaplz:It should stay warm for the next few days, but also rainy.:iconwtfromanoplz:Things went a bit slow today, mainly because my computer had a lot of updates. Also, Chrome was having issues with saving my cookies and passwords.:iconchibienglandplz:So, I spent a while trying to find a solution. Luckily, I did. It was so frustrating! I looked around online, and apparently a lot of people had the same problem.:iconchibijapanplz:After a while of looking, I finally saw that someone had a pretty simple solution. It was to check the 'clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser' box under content settings. Then, close Chrome, and reopen it. Finally, un-check that box, and it should store it. Its worked for me. Thank G-d!:iconusaplz:It's kind of annoying to have to sign into every single site I use every time. :iconromanoplz:

I posted a pic on dA: Crates of Baby Turtles 7 people have already looked at it! But, they're not doing much else.:iconwtfukplz:Oh, well. It's not the best pic. Then, I organized my pics into different folders. Also, looked at my fave drawings, and made a folder for them. Even if others don't like them, I like them.:iconhongkongplz:I was surprised at how many I actually liked. Some of them are pretty old. Yay! Things are more put together and easier to find.:dummy:Next, I labeled the pics I haven't posted from the Morikami on Photoshop. I just realized, I think they were better than a lot of the others I posted. I think they weren't posted earlier, because I needed to edit them. Once I did, I told myself I'd post them last. So, tomorrow I'll post at least one of those pics. I swear tomorrow I'll get back to my normal stuff! I want to get back to it so badly!:iconprussiaplz:
I finished step 1 and 2 of the udon package. I'm almost done with the little side note they have next. ➀お鍋にたっぶりのお湯を沸かし、煮立っているところに凍ったままのうどんをラップをはずして入れて、約1分ゆでてください。(1. Onabe ni tabburi no oyu o wakashi nitatte iru tokoro ni kootta mama no udon o rappu o hazushite irete, yaku 1 [ichi] fun yudete kudasai.) 1. Boil the water in a pot, take off the wrapper from the frozen udon and boil for about 1 minute. ➁お好みのつゆと、具材でお召しあがりください。(2. Okonomi no tsuyu to, guzai de omeshi agari kudasai.) 2. Finish with your choice of broth and dressing ingredients. 

deviantART faves: Friends 7 Wind Autumn Tint Carpet Shiver Crazy OC Meme Remix I did not make these! First, a funny comic. It's so true! Second, an awesome, yet pretty simple looking pic from an artist I watch. Third, awesome watercolor drawing. I love the colors. I like some of her watercolors, but others are kind of weird. Fourth, an amazing drawing of Russia from Hetalia. Fifth, a funny filled in meme. I like this person's humor. Interesting characters too. Only problem is, they don't list where the original is. So, I can't try it.

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