Monday, September 20, 2010

Respect For the Aged Day


Also written as 敬老の日 or Keirou no Hi. It's a day to celebrate and honor elderly citizens. It's been a holiday since 1966 in Japan. But, its origins go back to 1947. Which, was originally started in Hyogo prefecture and called Old Folks' Day. The media focuses heavily on the elderly during it. Kind of cool actually. I wonder if Grandparents' Day was inspired by it?:iconkumajiroplz:

Today's been cold and cloudy. We're still not up to our normal temps. I posted a pic on dA: Orange Koi Hopefully, people will like it.:iconusaplz:Wrote some more of chapter 12. Got all the components for the nutrition information. Just need to put it all together. 
In Hetalia, Italy wishes a "Happy Birthday" to Japan and gives him a bouquet. It's really National Foundation Day. When asked how old he is, he doesn't exactly remember.:iconchibijapanplz: He tells them he has hip pains, he feels worn out and old, has problems with high blood pressure, and walks aimlessly around the neighborhood. Italy just thinks it's a sign of getting old. Germany tells Japan that he should control his sodium intake, and he'll 'supervise' Japan's meals for a while. Most of Japan's favorite foods, aren't allowed, according to Germany. He's also exercising him more, and alcohol is prohibited. Later, there was a segment called Nekotalia or Catalia. It's even cuter than Chibitalia!:iconus-xdplz:Italy is named Itabby, and Germany is Germouser. Itabby still annoys Germouser. He particularly loves to play with Germouser's tail.
In Letter Bee, it's their Holy Night holiday. It's to honor their Empress. But, really, this was their Christmas themed episode. Does almost every anime have to have one?:iconnataliaplz:(I can only think of maybe one that doesn't.) It's ok, just gets old. (As long as it's not really religious.) There's a feast, trees, and presents they deliver to needy children. They even dress up in Santa outfits for their uniforms. (In pic.) Lag looks particularly old in it, to me. Yet, he's the youngest. Along with delivering presents to kids, they have to grant them one wish. If they're too outrageous they can decline. No one believes in them. Lag and Zazie's first present is to a little girl who lives alone in a cabin on a mountain. Her name's Sonja. Her wish is for them to stay for dinner. She does everything around the cabin herself. Cooking, chopping wood, shoveling the path, etc. Lag helps, while Zazie goes with Sonja to get groceries. The villagers tell him to stay away from her. They get snowed in and decide to spend more time with her. Her parents were killed by Gaichuu. The villagers believe that children whose parents were killed by Gaichuu might draw the Gaichuu to them. Zazie had the same thing happen to his parents. After killing a Gaichuu that attacks the town, Zazie tells the villagers why Sonja's not to blame for them. They realize what they've done to her. She gives them her red and green ribbons as a parting gift. 

I edited a lot more of my drawing in Photoshop. Might finally post it tomorrow. Then, I might try making a colored version using the same program.

deviantART faves: My First Meme StupidFox- TastyContest I did not make these! First, an interesting oc meme. I might use this one. It uses 4 oc's and they get into funny situations. Second, a cute StupidFox drawing. The comic is funny. StupidFox reminds me a lot of Tasha and Buster combined.:iconenglandispervyplz:This time he's eating the contest entries. 

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