Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Mexican Independence Day!


Wahoo! It's Mexican Independence Day!:dummy:Hope it's a great one! By the way, it's been 200 years since they became independent. Cool! If I could, I'd probably make some sort of Mexican inspired dish for dinner.:iconchibiaustriaplz:I love Mexican food, and their culture is awesome! 

It's been a little cool and rainy today. I posted another pic on dA: Close Up of a Bird I kind of like this one. So, I submitted it to 3 groups. Waiting for 2 of them to approve. Someone already faved it!:iconusaplz:I played some more Irish tunes. Sounded weird at first, because something was up with the reed. Eventually, I guess it worked itself out, and felt and sounded much better after a couple of tunes. So, it wasn't prefect, but it wasn't horrible either.:icontinoplz:That's ok, I just have to get used to it again. 
Wow! It's been a while since I've read this one.:iconchibifinlandplz:In Dear, Chiruha's at the party that Kisara's supposed to be working at. She meets Subaru, the demon lord. He knows that she's a Lycanthrope. (I love how all the characters from the previous stories are suddenly meeting each other.:iconenglandispervyplz:) Komomo's there too, and is trying to eavesdrop on Subaru and Chiruha's conversation. They're there because he felt there was a Lycanthrope nearby. He needs one to heal his arm, and lift the curse. Chiruha responds by saying she's not one and trying to act as normal as possible. A demon attacks her and she falls off the balcony. Komomo saves her, but they both end up falling through to the basement floor. They have such similar personalities.:iconkikuplz:And, Chiruha's clueless like always. They both try to get up to find a way out, but Komomo may have a fracture and can't move. 
I finished a sentence, and I'm working on the nutrition info for the udon package. ヘルシーチェック 1食(200g)当たりの栄養成分。(herushii chekku 1 [ichi] shoku [200g] atari no eiyou seibun.) Health Check: Nutrition of ingredients per meal (200g). 

The plan today for my drawing was to scan it and edit in Photoshop. I spent about an hour and a half trying to get it scanned and sent to my computer.:iconchibienglandplz:My scanner doesn't work very well, so I usually have to ask other people. Eventually, it worked. Thank goodness! Later, I'll get to edit it a little. I'm also going to catch up on some anime. (Probably Naruto Shippuden.) Yesterday, I caught up with Hetalia. Romano's kind of cute when he was little.:iconchibiromanoplz:And, I feel kind of sorry for Spain.

deviantART faves: FF7- The Pointer Changeless Russiamochi Horse Culture Around the World StupidFox- 35 Euro2010 Israel I did not make these! First, a funny comic based on FF7. Second, another awesome drawing by an artist I watch. It's Takasugi from Gintama. Oh, do I miss that show! I'm hoping they come back soon. Third, a creepy Russia-style mochi. But, somehow I feel like I can't get my eyes away from it. Fourth, an interesting way of showing how different countries view horses. I love what people are doing with some of the Hetalia fanart out there. Really interesting. It actually makes the series even more awesome in my mind. Fifth, another funny StupidFox comic. The artist did an inverted version, too. Cool! Sixth, a version of Israel Hetalia-style playing soccer against Croatia. She has a very interesting design for Israel. I looked at her other art, and there's a lot more with her Israel oc. In others, she made him look a little Hasidic. I actually haven't seen too many Israel oc's, so this is very interesting. And, I'm wondering when or if Israel will actually show up in the anime. I guess we'll see.

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