Monday, November 1, 2010

National Authors' Day!


There are so many great authors out there.ReadingIt's cool they have their own day. I guess it also celebrates anyone who wants to become an author. Kind of nice. It's also Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.:skull:It's a Mexican holiday. It focuses on family and friends gathering to pray for and remember people who have died. It's a time to celebrate. A very interesting holiday. Apparently, today they honor children and infants, and tomorrow the adults. Here are the month long holidays: Aviation History Month, Epilepsy Awareness Month, Family Stories Month, International Drum (Percussion) Month, Military Family Appreciation Month, National Adoption Month, National Georgia Pecan Month, National Novel Writing Month, National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, National Pomegranate Month, National Roasting Month, Beard Month, and Vegan Month. Crazy!:iconchibipolandplz:A lot of them this time! All for good causes, fun, things we may take for granted, etc.:iconchibisitalyplz:
This is this month's wallpaper. Although, I'm not sure if I like it enough to keep it up.:iconkikuplz:Might change it tomorrow. It's got China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan from Hetalia. Kind of cute. I finished the caption in the North American Post article. It's about these students who performed a Soran Bushi (ソーラン節) on a stage. It's a traditional work song of the Hokkaido herring fishery workers. That in modern times, has a choreographed interpretation that students in school perform. It sounds awesome to me.

Friday night, we went to a new restaurant called Himalayan Chutney. (To celebrate me going to Israel!) They serve both Indian and Nepali food. They're very close to where we live too. (That could be dangerous.:iconenglandispervyplz:) We got their vegetable appetizer plate. It was ok, but not great. I ordered the chicken tikka masala. It's usually my fave in most Indian restaurants. So, I wanted to see what theirs was like. It was phenomenal!:iconchibispainplz:So good! The sauce was perfect. They BBQ'd the chicken tandoori style, and it added a smoky flavor. One of the best ones I've had. My parents had more of a traditional Nepali dinner. They had Himalayan momos. They're similar to pot stickers, with a chicken mixture inside. It came with a coconut curry dipping sauce. Looked and sounded good.:iconitalyplz:Would have been a better appetizer for us. Then they had a goat dish. I've only had goat 2 or 3 times. All of those times it was really good.:iconchibihungaryplz:They said it was really well done. People don't eat too much goat here, so the waitress was surprised that they ordered it.

Saturday, was the Shabbat with the same parsha I had for my Bat Mitzvah.:iconchibicanadaplz:So, it was especially interesting to me, to see what the Rabbi was going to say. I still remember studying that portion, and working on the drash.:iconseychelles-plz:Crazy! Because, it was so long ago. (I was 13.:wow:) Well, to me it was. He talked about how we're like resident aliens. We're citizens or neighbors, but we're different than everyone else. An in between sort of people. I agreed with him for a lot of it. Just an odd way to go about it.:iconwtfromanoplz:The portion's called Chayei Sara, or the Life of Sara.:iconchibirussiaplz:I told some people about going to Israel, and they looked happy for me. I think I heard about someone thinking of giving me a gift for going to Israel. Very sweet, but wouldn't Israel be enough of a gift?:iconfrancisplz:I mean I'd gladly accept it, it just seems like an odd reason to me. 

Later, we went shopping. I got a red, sort of a bohemian-styled shirt at the mall. After a while of shopping we were all tired. But, after we ate at Subway, we did more shopping.:iconlietplz:My parents got me a really nice mp3 player. It's a Sony Walkman with 16 GB, and can also store pics and video. It has the date and time, and you can make playlists. Oh, and it has the built-in speakers, like I wanted. I'm in love with it.:iconhungaryplz:They also got me a flash drive. My last one was corrupted. The new one holds up to 4 GB. Twice as much as my last one did. Seems to work fine too. I like the cap. It's built to swivel around. So, it doesn't pop off and get lost somewhere. They were smart.:iconeestiplz:

Yesterday, I helped take down the sukkah. And, later handed out some candy to the kids. There wasn't very many of them this year.:iconpolandplz:Usually, it's like every 5 minutes we hear someone at the door. It was pretty much dead this time. Our neighborhood's popular for trick or treaters, so it was a bit weird.:iconswissplz:Oh well, more candy for us!:iconspainplz:I didn't dress up this year, like I usually do. Just wasn't feeling it. I wore my orange pumpkin dangly earrings and black beaded necklace, though.
Started a new manga called Toraneko Folklore. It's very interesting and funny so far. I like characters that have their own quirks, and the main ones do. Touto is the central character, and in middle school he was the tough kid. People either fought, feared or avoided him. He wants his high school life to be different. He made it into a prestigious school. He comes off as having a harsh or angry demeanor most of the time. But, he really isn't. He makes 2 friends his first day. Their also hoping high school will be different. Yuta, was bullied before. He seems to have a happy-go-lucky attitude. Miyakoe, is very shy and had problems talking to people and making friends. She's into the occult. It's funny how Touto is assigning missions to himself in order to 'succeed'. Things like: stay in school from beginning to end; peacefully make friends over lunch; etc. He's fascinated by strange things. Like octopus hotdogs, apples shaped to look like rabbits, and bentos overall. 
In Hetalia, they talked a bit about Sealand's history (which isn't much), and its relations with Iceland. Italy captured England by 'accident'. He fell into a kid's pitfall. England starts trying to figure out how to escape. Meanwhile, Romano threatens Italy with a Marmite Punishment, if England falls under another pitfall. England makes it out. Only he sticks out like a sore thumb, Germany finds him, and captures him again. Next, they were trying to figure out a way to wake up England. England starts muttering something about how America wet the bed when he was little; and America smacks him hard before he could say too much. 
In Letter Bee, Lag's exhausted. Conner and Zazie suggest he get a check up. If you shoot too many Shindans, it can affect your health. Dr. Thunderland Jr. shows up. He's the head doctor of Bee-Hive and a professor of Biology. They also call him a corpse doctor. He likes to dissect things. Whether they're plants, animals, or humans. He takes Steak and says he's rare, and wants to dissect him. He dissects things, usually, to find the exact cause of diseases. Then, develop new medical techniques and medicines. Niche finds the doctor after breaking through his huge heavy doors. They save Steak. The Shindan showed the doctor's memories. He makes memorials for every human and animal he dissects. And, usually they're dead to begin with. People looked down on him because of his job. He had quarantined the cats Zazie was taking care of. He didn't kill them, but ran some tests, because there was a disease spreading among the strays in his neighborhood. Aria plays her violin for Lag. (In pic.) It's her spirit-restoring shindan. He feels a lot better after. I'm still amazed with the art in this series. 

deviantART faves: Cat Beer StupidFox 37 Cat Coffee nom nom nom Halloween Cupcakes I did not make these! First and third, more funny cats from that artist who did Cat Chocolate and Cat Bacon. I'm liking this series for some reason. Second, a funny Halloween themed StupidFox strip. Fourth, a pic of strawberries with funny faces and L (from Death Note) next to them. Fifth, really good looking cupcakes. I'm liking that food group I joined.

Poor Chiyo. She's giving a present to her crazy teacher for her birthday:

Another cool song from the Yoshida Brothers:

A funny vid of W&Whale's song High School Sensation:

A tribute to Spain winning the World Cup:

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