Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guinness World Records Day!


I love Guinness World Records! There's interesting and funny competitions/things that are in the world records. Like the world's tallest shoe, largest painting by numbers, largest pop group, etc.:iconeestiplz:

I didn't post yesterday, because I wasn't feeling well.:icontinoplz:I'm feeling a lot better today. It's a bit colder out than it has been for the last couple of days. Rosie has been very affectionate in the mornings.:iconchibifranceplz:She gave me kisses and love bites. It was cute!:meow:And, she's purring like mad. She likes to play with the big green rubber ball that Tasha doesn't seem interested in. This morning she played with the trackball, only she started tossing the whole thing up in the air.:iconchibirussiaplz:She's also talking a little more. Kind of has a weak voice. Maybe she'll gain more confidence. Both cats seem to really love the new scratching post with 2 steps (or platforms). Mainly because Mom rubbed catnip all over it.:iconkikuplz:I'm glad Rosie is using that instead of scratching up furniture and such. (She still has her claws.) 

I transferred my more recent pics from my camera to my computer. They're a lot better than I thought they would be.:iconfrancisplz:I just have to crop/sign them. Then, I'll post. I think I'll post them first on dA, and then put those same pics on facebook. Some people want to see them on there.:iconswissplz:I just don't like facebook as much for pics. Oh, and more people faved and commented on my Tasha pic!:dummy:I have more recent pics of her, so hopefully they'll like those, too.

Finished drawing Nico's head for that project I've been working on. Next, is Rakesh. Trying to draw each characters' head, so I get a better feel for them.:iconthailandplz:When I'm done with this first page of characters, I might post it. 

Bloody Monday's been really good. Keeps you guessing, and very suspenseful. All 4 of Fujimaru's friends, including himself, were infected. Hide dies. They had just gotten the anti-virus. The thing I really didn't like, is why didn't the others immediately take the anti-virus? I understand that they're friend just died, and they can have a moment of mourning, I guess. But, to wait until sunrise? Kind of seemed stupid. I would've taken the anti-virus and then cried over the loss of my friend, and then waited for help to arrive. But, I guess it wouldn't be as 'dramatic'.:iconberwaldplz:

I played the Sims 2. Hungary had her baby. It's a girl, and I decided to call her Austria. Maybe a female version of Austria from Hetalia? It went with the somewhat Germanic theme of their family.:iconenglandispervyplz:Again, Prussia didn't pay attention to what was going on, and just took a shower.:icongermanyplz:Germany, seemed really anxious. And, when the baby came, he cheered loudly jumping up and down. Why would their teenage son be more excited than the father?:iconchibijapanplz:Weird. 

A fun tribute from Tel Aviv to the Hadassah Medical Center:

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