Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Snowing!


And, it's starting to stick. It's pretty and all, but makes it hard to move around, either on foot or by car. I'm not particularly happy about it.:iconswissplz:I'll have to break out my winter boots soon. We also have 3 chickens looking confused and cold in our backyard.:iconseychelles-plz:They're not ours, just random chickens. I know we have a farm behind us, but there's a vast field, wire fence, and a green belt in between. Pretty difficult to make it here.:iconchibirussiaplz:A few months ago we had a chicken wandering around in the same area. Something's up. Oh well. They're entertaining.:iconusaplz:I hope they find their way back home eventually. 

It's World Hello Day! So, Konnichiwa! (こんにちわ!) Nihao! Shalom! Bonjour! Kalimera! Aloha! Hola! Hallo! Buon Giorno! And, hello to everybody out there, however you say it!:iconchibicanadaplz:My kind of holiday. It's nice, promotes world peace, and it's like a linguist holiday combined!:iconenglandispervyplz:

Went to services yesterday. Apparently, our cantor was in marching band too!:dummy:It was cool to talk about it with her. I loved marching band so much! Started at the end of junior high on up to a couple of years in college. It was like a second family to me.:iconfrancisplz:Only problem I had was with my high school band director. We think she may have been anti-semitic. She also wouldn't let me join jazz band, because she said clarinets don't belong in it. Hello? What about Benny Goodman?! The only good thing with her, is she finally let me become section leader my last year.:icontinoplz:The section leaders in college, immediately told me I was good enough to play first and be section leader at my audition.:iconheroamericaplz:I just didn't get enough confidence to try out to for section leader at that level. Of course it can be rough and a lot of work out there, whether on the field or marching down the street, but it was worth it.:iconhappychinaplz:I only stopped because I almost broke my tail bone as we were about to rehearse on the field.:iconromanoplz:Anyways, I couldn't high step anymore. It was very sad.:iconraivisplz:Our cantor played the flute. She loved marching too. 

Our Rabbi's drash was about Jacob wrestling an angel, and the name change to Israel. (So, it went from 'heel' to 'one who wrestles with G-d'.) He said in order to become an adult, everyone goes through a 'dark' period in their lives. (Referring to him wrestling in the dark alone.) I agreed with most of it. I also got to say hello to the newborn baby.:iconchibihungaryplz:He's(?) really cute, and was staring at me for a while. 

Konkatsu was hilarious! They decided to do a Cat Fans' (really should be Lovers') Party. Where they exchange photos of their cats and talk about them. Somehow, following that plan, it would bring people together. But, it didn't turn out like they had planned. A guy who's like the president of the company's right hand man, shows up with his actual cat. All the girls go flocking to him, while the guys are sitting around looking dejected. Kuni tells him he'll have to take the cat somewhere else, and tries to hold him. The cat somehow escapes in the scuffle. So, they tell everyone the real party is to Search for a Cat. Nice save. They find the cat, and successfully got people together. 

Played a little of the Sims 2. Finally, put stuff on their walls and floors.:iconkikuplz:For a while it was the plain stuff they give you at the beginning. Now it looks kind of cool. Some walls have a stone pattern, some have wooden moldings, etc. It was fun! But, I love how the first time I had everything set up perfectly, the power went out and I didn't save before it happened. Partially my fault and the weather's!:iconlietplz:

I watched Gonzo today. It's getting really intense, suspenseful, and just all around good. Sad that there's only one more episode.:iconwtfukplz:I truly will miss this one. Maybe I can look at the actors and what dramas they were in afterwards. And, add those to my growing to-watch list.

I had a lot of ideas for my story last night, so I decided to type them all up. Just so they're easier to get to.:iconchibifinlandplz:Seeing all these ideas together, it's looking really good. But, I still have to work a little more on character development before I can continue. 

I also joined another group on dA. Called Flavor Photography. Really has some tasty, and awesomely done pics of food.:iconchibifranceplz:May be better than the Art of Food group I'm a part of. They also have some recipes. 

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