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By Ai Otsuka. It's translated as Cherries. Another fun/cute one about falling in love. This was a huge hit in 2003/2004 staying on the Top 200 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for 101 weeks. Crazy! The video's kind of funny. I'll post it, instead of the song from aimini.:iconheroamericaplz:

It's a little warmer than yesterday. Although, it doesn't feel like it.:iconnataliaplz:We're actually thinking of naming the new cat Sammy. Seems to fit more than Trixie.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Plus, she seemed to respond more to it. She's been sleeping on Mom's blanket on the couch the whole day. Tasha's apparently been sleeping in her fave place, which is just behind the couch. It's interesting that they are staying so close to each other.:iconchibiaustriaplz:I like how this morning I was woken up by Sammy jumping on my bed, seeing Tasha, and launching herself out of my room and down the stairs. Funny.:iconromanoplz:

Worked on some more character sheets. Got through most of the next sentence from the North American Post article. Also, clarified something that's been bugging me for a while.:iconchibijapanplz:Nice when I can get a better grasp of it. 
In O-parts Hunter, Rock Bird's a floating city. There's 5 check points, and each one has a ship that takes contestants for the tournament up to Rock Bird. Its a 'dark' tournament, and some of the prizes are legendary O-parts. As soon as Ruby heard that she urged Jio and Ball to enter it. Non-OPTs can accompany them. (Kirin and Ruby are allowed in too.) The city's set up without the close regulation normally imposed by the Stea government. It's used to separate the strong OPTs from the weak. The Olympiad was created to distinguish the 2. (According to Kirin.) During the tournament, personal O-parts are prohibited, and instead they have to use a gem-ball O-part. Its effect is an embodiment of their spirit. 
In Fairy Tail, Phantom Lord has been disbanded. And, Jose has been stripped of his place among the 10 Wizard Saints. The council judged Fairy Tail as completely innocent. They can finally take jobs again. Erza officially says that herself, Lucy, Happy, Natsu, and Gray are a team. The guild master's thinking of retiring, but doesn't know who's really suited for his job. Laxus has 'issues', and Mystagon has miscommunication problems. He thinks Erza's too young. The first job Erza's team did, they destroyed half a city. So, Mira comes up with the 'perfect' job for them. To help with a play, since all the actors ran away. Thinking that it was a horrible script. Lots of people show up to cheer them on. The guild master, some people they knew from previous jobs, etc. It was a huge hit. Although, none of it really made sense, or went the way it was supposed to. Kind of a fun break before the next story-arc of the series. 

Worked a bit more on the Savory slot in Photoshop. It's looking much better.:iconchibiamericaplz:Might be able to move on to another slot tomorrow. (I hope so.:iconkikuplz:

deviantART fave: StupidFox- 38 I did not make this! Another funny installment of StupidFox. I've felt like that before!:iconenglandispervyplz:Poor bunny. 

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