Friday, November 19, 2010

Tada, Arigatou


By Monkey Majik. In English: I Just Want to Say, Thank You. I first heard it as the ending theme song from Ando Natsu. It's a very fitting song for the series. The lyrics are really upbeat, and sweet.:iconheroamericaplz: 

It's going to get pretty cold in the next few days.:iconwtfromanoplz:There's definitely a possibility of snow. I posted a pic on dA: Tree Struck By Lightning. (Posted it to FB, too.) Already had someone fave it!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:It's been a while, but I played some Irish tunes. Did pretty well throughout most of it. My fingers were starting to hurt towards the end and made me screw up a bit.:iconromanoplz:Really not bad for being rusty. Got through a good chunk of that long sentence in the article. Not much left of it. Eventually, I do hope to post more of what I worked on. Maybe during the next article.:iconpolandplz:

Worked on some more character sheets. Got through a lot of them. Only 2 more for the real basic stuff. Then, I think I'll get back to actually writing.:la:Eventually I'll do the more detailed stuff on those sheets, but I'm itchin' to write more.:iconusaplz:In fact, just as I was going to sleep last night, I had a lot of good ideas for the story. They just kept flowing out of my head. Must have spent about 10 minutes trying to write them all down.:iconkikuplz:And, I'm not sure if I got them all. A lot of the time, I seem to get my ideas just as I'm about to fall asleep. So, I've been keeping a notebook next to my bed. It's really worked for me. 
In Hetalia, first it was about Liechtenstein and her brother Switzerland. She liked Switzerland's hairstyle, and decided to style her hair that way. She liked to dress like him too. When she was mistaken for a boy, she put a ribbon in her hair and wore a dress. Wanted to be more feminine. Later, while she was listening to her brother's lecture; she was distracted by his 'cute' drawings. Apparently, Liechtenstein's and England's anthems have a similar melody. At the Euro 2004 that was held in Liechtenstein, both country's players were confused. Switzerland helped Liechtenstein towards the end of WWI, when they had a food crisis. Next, was about Russia's sisters. Older sister, Ukraine: poor and has a big heart. Younger sister, Belarus: pretty, has a really strong heart and equally strong will- in the most negative way. Also, is really scary and wants to marry Russia. 
In Shiki, Natsuno slowly dies feeding his friend. His friend feels horrible about the whole thing, and is crying while he drinks his blood. (Those are his tears in the pic.) Very sad. The 'vampires' seem to be instructing their victims about what to say when Toshio sees them at the clinic. They're refusing treatment. Kyoko, Toshio's wife, is a new victim. After she dies, Toshio decides to observe her body for a bit, and preserves her with ice. I guess thinking she'll turn. 

Edited a bit more of the Spicy slot from the Flavor Meme. I'm almost done with that one. Just need to tweak a couple of things and put a speech bubble in.:iconchibipolandplz:

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