Monday, November 8, 2010

My Birthday!


It's not today, but it was yesterday.:iconenglandispervyplz:I can't believe I'm 26 already!La la la laI didn't post for the last few days, because I didn't have time.:iconhongkongplz:Oh, today's Cook Something Bold Day. Sounds interesting. But, a lot of the stuff we make is 'bold'. Makes life more enjoyable. It was also Daylight Saving Time Ends yesterday. Where you get an extra hour. It feels like even time was celebrating my b-day! (Lame, I know.:iconkikuplz:

Went to services on Saturday. This time it was led by our old cantor. She's so into it. Sounds so awesome.:iconheroamericaplz:We have a new ark table. It's beautiful.:iconchibiaustriaplz:A lot better than the plain wooden one. The same design that's on the ark is transferred to the table. Also, I think, there's the 10 commandments written in Hebrew on the outside. Not sure what's in the cabinets. It's really awesome.:iconchibihungaryplz:The guy who made our ark, made the table, too. It was kind of a surprise present for everyone. Nice. Had a pretty good turnout too. Her drash was about how Jews view masculinity vs the way others perceive it. Mainly the Westerners' view of it. Things like in Judaism, we don't inhibit a man's emotions, they're entitled to express it just as much as women. There's other stuff, but that was one of the main ones. She said this can produce some conflict with the way the culture around us perceives it.:iconwtfromanoplz:

We went out to do some errands after that. Then, we decided to go check out the cats at the shelter. I wasn't too into the one we picked at first. It felt like she wouldn't be very cuddly to me.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Of course, the feeling wasn't helped much while the crazy volunteer talked to us. She was very creepy.:iconraivisplz:I think the cat sensed how weird she was. I thought I'd give her a try, since maybe it was the atmosphere or something. So, we were thinking about taking her, but they told us she didn't have a feline Leukemia test yet. Since, we have another cat, it would be best to find out if she has it.:iconswissplz:So, we left her there so we could pick her up the next day. 

That night we went to a place for my 'birthday' dinner.:iconthailandplz:It's called Fujiyama. And, it's a Japanese steakhouse and bar. The chefs cook your meal right in front of you, Hibachi style. It's really like a dinner and a show.:iconchibicanadaplz:I ordered a virgin strawberry Daiquiri. (I don't drink alcohol. Can't have it even if I wanted to.:icontinoplz:) It was awesome! They had us sitting around the grill in very tight quarters with some other people. That part wasn't as great.:iconlietplz:After I got my drink, the dinner comes with onion soup and a salad. The salad had like a ginger dressing. Both were very good. We also got our gyoza appetizer. They use a chicken mixture, instead of pork. That's lucky for me!:iconspainplz:It was also very good. 

The chef started his 'routine' before I was done with the appetizers. So, it was hard to watch and eat at the same time.:iconchibifinlandplz:He did some cool stuff. Made an onion volcano surrounded by lots of vegetables. Then, he lit it. Did a bunch of cool chopping and throwing seasonings and stuff. He finished cooking our vegetables pretty quickly. A lot of these vegetables I normally hate.:icongermanyplz:The onions, zucchini, mushrooms, etc. But, the only thing I didn't eat was the mushrooms. The others actually were done very well and the sauce was perfect. Supposedly, their 'special' sauce.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

Next, I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken with rice dinner, so he did some fancy stuff with making it too. Lots of flames, throwing stuff, balancing and twirling an egg without breaking it (until the right moment), steam, and other cool stuff. The sauce for the chicken was amazing!:iconitalyplz:It didn't taste like every other teriyaki sauce. Chicken was nicely done too. 

Next, we ordered the Birthday Special. It was a bit embarrassing, but nice.:iconchibirussiaplz:A lot of the waiters come out of the main kitchen playing percussion instruments, singing We Will Rock You, while bringing out a strawberry icecream cake, and they hand you a parasol when they reach you. (We Will Rock You, assuming because in English it's Mt. Fuji.) Once they have, they ask for your name and start singing Happy Birthday really loudly. All the other customers get into it too. Crazy!:iconchibipolandplz:If we had brought 6 or more other people, my whole meal would have been free.:iconpolandplz:The cake was really good! There were at least 3 other b-days being celebrated there. I guess it's where people go on their b-day. 

Yesterday, I had like a million Happy Birthday emails! It was awesome!:iconchibispainplz:Also, in the afternoon we picked up the new cat from the shelter. Her test came back negative, so we were good to go.:iconchibiamericaplz:She's what they call a dilute tortoiseshell tabby. The lady before was saying they have a 'tortitude' and looked like she wasn't a great pick. My mom and I looked online, and torties are not breeds, although they do have similar personality traits. (And, Tortoiseshell was listed as her breed. Seemed a bit odd.) The traits actually sounded fun, and interesting. Maybe she didn't want us to have a cat with a personality?:iconusaplz:We're thinking of calling her Trixie. Mom came up with it. She was a stray, and they don't have much info on her. Her 'name' was Crate 15. She seemed so scared at the shelter. After coming home with us, she's been very sweet, curious, and really cute. She's already purring and nuzzling me!:dummy:

Tasha was really angry with us, and is still kind of avoiding Trixie.:iconbraginskiplz:She's gone from an unearthly growl to slight hisses when she sees her.:iconprussiaplz:Pretty good. The other one is interested in her and wants to play. That's a good sign. Especially when it's only been a day. I hope they can become best buddies real soon.:iconchibisitalyplz:

The b-day thread people in the Awesome Mature Gains Guild made for me, was great! Pics were funny, and the people who commented were really nice. Dad made one of my fave dishes that he's good at. She says a Korean chicken stew. Its got lots of garlic and sesame seeds in the sauce. It's basically the sauce and chicken over rice. Very good!:iconitalyplz:She bought some kimchi to eat with it. I love kimchi, but can't eat it anymore. Then we had some of the leftover cherry pie from a couple of nights ago, with whipped cream. (One of my fave pies!) A pretty tasty relaxed 'real' birthday dinner. 

Then I played some of the Sims 2. Germany was bad, and sneaked out of the house. Prussia was promoted to SWAT team leader. I didn't know he could get that high on the scale. What's next?:iconchibijapanplz:Hungary's still working on sharpening her skills for a promotion. 

It was pouring hail and rain earlier. Scared the cats a bit. Worked on a couple of character's sheets. Played some more Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. I'm almost done with translating an even longer sentence from the North American Post. Pretty much finished editing Ravel for the Savory slot in Photoshop. About the manga and anime, it'll be short.
It turns out the little lucky charm someone gave Touto, came to life. It was kind of funny. I love how they interact with each other. The above's a good example. Touto saves everyone. 
England kept trying to escape Italy's prison. But, was captured by Germany everytime. The above is one of the times he escapes. I like the little rats on him. Other part was about how people in history thought the world would end that year. They compared it to the 1999 stuff. Funny. 

A really hilarious vid about the AJWS:

A cool tribute to the Asian countries in Hetalia:

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