Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Storm


It was just crazy!OMGThey told us that there would be a 'chance' of flurries on Monday. It was heavily snowing throughout the day.:iconusaplz:Then, there was heavy winds, so we had snow drifts. And, of course, later it was freezing. So, right after we ate dinner at 6:30 the power went out.:iconromanoplz:Our system can't handle that sort of storm. It was out for about 27-28 hours.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

It was very cold yesterday. Not having power took away our main source of heat. And, during the day it was in the low 20s.:iconraivisplz:The wood stove helped a bit, but I was still freezing. I had a sweatshirt, a bathrobe, jeans, socks, slippers, a scarf around my head, and a blanket on all day, while I was next to the fireplace. Seemed like I'd be roasting.:iconkikuplz: 

We're lucky that we have a gas stove, too. So, we used matches to light it and heat up soup, and water. So, at least we had soup, tea, and hot chocolate during the day.:iconheroamericaplz:Oh, and we had ravioli last night. I was bored most of the day, and that first night. Did a lot of reading, crossword puzzles, watching stuff on my mp3 player, playing solitaire, etc. Mom lit candles, oil lamps, and we used our electric lantern and some flashlights. Made it even better in that room with the fireplace. 

Our area's so bad, we made it to the national news.:iconlietplz:The roads still look like sheets of ice. Not only that, last night it was in the low teens to single digits. Wahoo!:iconyaykumajiroplz:50,000 people were without power, and some may still be.  I feel really bad for them.:iconamericasadchibiplz: 

At first they got the power on for about 2 minutes last night. Then, it was for an hour. The next time, it stayed on. It felt like they were teasing us, even though I know what was probably going on. They're trying to get everyone's power on by Thanksgiving. I think if people didn't have power on Thanksgiving, it would ruin the holiday. So, I hope they get it by then.

It was so cold, our windows froze over.:iconchibichinaplz:Those chickens I talked about last time, looked like the were going to freeze to death out there. They kept screaming. Eventually, Dad went out there and tried to direct them to the farm. I hope they made it.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

We were thinking of going to the store today. Since, we're running a bit low on food, and we're supposed to bring an appetizer to our friends' place for Thanksgiving. Mom was thinking of making those tasty sausages in a blanket. Originally called 'pigs in a blanket'. But, we use all beef Lil' Smokies and crescent rolls. They're addicting.:iconchibispainplz:Mom just talked to them, and we don't have to get the stuff today. Hopefully, tomorrow we can get our normal food stuff?:iconseychelles-plz:

Our friends smoke their turkey. It's really good!:iconfrancisplz:They also make a cranberry relish, which no one actually likes. Their stuffing's usually not too bad. They make 2 batches, one for with chestnuts, and the other for without. Also, they make a sweet potato thing with marshmallows and pineapple. Looks tasty, I just can't stand sweet potatoes.:icontinoplz:They always make these tiny compact brownies too. Very tasty! Supposedly, there are going to be 8 of us. I think that's a smaller turn out than it usually is. I'll definitely have something to be thankful for...the power! 

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