Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day


Finally!:iconbraginskiplz:I'll be glad when those annoying ads and phone calls stop. Even the people/initiatives I was for had weird ones. I'm a little wary about who will win or what will be passed or not.:iconchibilithuaniaplz:But, I did my part, and voted. Not much more I can do. 

I worked on another character's info. It's been kind of fun and gives me more of a solid image of them.:iconchibicanadaplz:Played some Duke Ellington and a Beatles song. Wanted to try something different. Since, I've been playing Irish tunes for a while.:iconusaplz:It wasn't too bad, but wasn't the best either. Probably, because I haven't played in a little while. Next time I might just do the Irish tunes and some Beatles songs. I'm almost done with the first sentence of the article. It's really long!:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:It's going quicker than I thought, though.
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, I finished the bit about the 100 candles. Which, like always, they had an exaggerated ending.:iconchibirussiaplz:Next, was about things you do although you know there won't be a reward. Like people asking for tickets when they're sold out. Or, though we know there aren't any from the start, we have to go look for weapons of mass destruction. (Hmmm... I wonder what that's a reference to...:iconkikuplz:) Or, no one's in there, but the ferris wheel's running. 
In Psychic Detective Yakumo, it was about a haunted tunnel. Haruka asks him to investigate, but the head detective asks him first to look into a seemingly unrelated case. It's about a missing boy. He appeared as a ghost in a pic that a reporter gave the detective. After going to the same spot the ghost was in the pic, they uncovered his body. He was hit by a car and then strangled to death. They suspect an owner of a repair shop. Nakahara, who's a friend of Haruka's, was the one driving when they went through the haunted tunnel. He seemed calm, but when he saw the pic of the little boy, he freaked out. He was the one who ran over the boy with his car. He told the repairman to cover up the accident, kill the boy, and bury him. Eventually, the boy possessed Nakahara while he was driving, and Haruka was in the car with him. Along with Yakumo and the detective chasing them. They ended up in the tunnel, again. The boy's spirit gets eaten up by the evil ones there. Yakumo couldn't save him, he could only talk to the ghost and watch it happen. His uncle named him Yakumo, for the archiac word for thick clouds. Interesting. 

I scanned the drawings for the meme. Then, started editing the Savory slot. It's surprising how much more junk is still visible, even after you thought you got rid of most of it.:iconwtfromanoplz:

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