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By Ai Otsuka. It's Marble in English. It's about a marble of the heart. Really interesting and motivating lyrics, and a fun song.:iconnorwayfukkiretaplz:

It's been kind of dark and dreary today.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:And, it feels colder then it actually is out. We're thinking of calling the new cat Rosie, now.:iconchibirussiaplz:So, we went from Trixie, Sammy, and now to Rosie. I think Rosie fits better. Although, I had suggested Sahara, but Rosie might be easier to say and respond to.:iconpolandplz:She's a talker, kind of funny since the other one isn't. It's like Tasha doesn't know how to talk. She does squeaks, chirps, and dog-like growls. But, doesn't actually meow, or talk to you very often. Maybe Rosie can teach her?:iconchibijapanplz:She's been purring like mad, too. Asks for a lot of attention, I think more so than Tasha. Tasha's acting a bit more 'normal'. They fight every once in a while, but it's more to establish boundaries.:iconprussiaplz:

I went to services yesterday. The artist who made the ark for the Torah, and now the special table underneath it; talked about them. This was his first ark, and he made another one for some other congregation while he was finishing this one up. It really sounded like a labor of love.:iconfrancisplz:There was over a thousand little wooden pieces put together to make a pattern on the front, that he interprets as the tree of life. All those little pieces are the same shape, but when put together like that, each one seemed unique. He continued that pattern onto the table. Indicating the 'leaves' from the tree. There's a special wood he used for the handles. Everytime someone touches them, they get shinier from the oils of their hands. So, the more you touch it, the more beautiful it is.:iconthailandplz:Most of the wood is from local trees. He made it look like the 10 'commandments' were angled upward from the sides of the table. The whole thing was even more amazing after he described it. Also, the meanings/symbolism behind each bit was really awesome!:iconchibispainplz:I wanted to thank him, but a crowd gathered around him. Asking questions, thanking him, etc. The Rabbi's drash was ok, too. 

We went shopping later. Went to Barnes & Noble. While I was looking at their Japanese cookbooks, someone started talking to me. It seemed like out of the blue, but it was nice.:iconhappychinaplz:We had a lot in common. She was looking for some French cookbooks. One of them had helped her lose a lot of weight, and she liked the food. So, she was looking for more. That's cool. We started talking about languages and food. Hard to shut me up, when it's about things like that.:iconchibipolandplz:I like how she had the same feelings about cookbooks. A lot of them sound really good, but you might only use like 2 or 3 recipes out of the entire book. Hard to find one where you'll use every single recipe.:iconusaplz:So, it's like my mom said after that. The best way is to just look for recipes online. It's cheaper, and you'll actually use what you find. She doesn't think she'll buy a cookbook again. I agree with that.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Then, we went to Michael's. They had a bigger section for drawing materials than that other place we went to. I wanted to get a drawing pad small enough to take with me when I travel. Like, when I'm on the plane to Israel. It's going to be a long trip, so why not draw?:iconenglandispervyplz:I also got a really good dark red colored pencil. I had that on my b-day list. I tested it, and it's perfect!:dummy:

Then, we went to the market to have their pizza of the month, Garlic Chicken. They usually have amazing pizza. (Well, for this area. Pizza in New York's much better.:iconheroamericaplz:) Their Garlic Chicken is one of their best pizzas. It has a creamy garlic sauce instead of marinara. Usually, I love their dough, too. But, on one of my slices the crust was still raw.:iconwtfukplz:I mean like they hadn't put that part in the oven. Not just undercooked. So, I told them. They said I can have anything to replace it. So, I got 2 bread sticks. (They come in 6, but I didn't want that many.) They were pretty good. 

I just changed my Selfy's look for November. I guess she's got sort of a Chinese theme going on. I didn't know I had the dragon. It's, as they would say on Gaia, a premium item. You either pay a lot for it (like after you make a donation to the site), win it at an event, or someone gives it to you as a present. Maybe someone was generous and gave it to me?:iconseychelles-plz:I don't remember an event with this as a prize.:iconkikuplz:Either way it was nice. 

Watched more of Konkatsu. It was hilarious! Kuni almost lost his job, but Haruno saved him by saying she was his fiancée. Which complicated things a bit more. Haruno rejected Shige's marriage proposal. And everyone was asking her the same thing all day. Do you love someone? It was funny. I think she'll eventually tell Kuni how she feels. 

I played a little of the Sims 2. Hungary might be pregnant again. Germany's actually staying on top of his homework now. Prussia is trying to do as many skills as possible to get promoted again. Oh, and the private school's headmaster's coming over. It's to see if Germany's fit enough to attend. I'll see what happens if he's accepted. I also made a separate room for the baby that might be coming. I say might, because they tried for one, and she's having a little morning sickness. But, it's not definite. Eventually, I think they'll need a new home. This plot's a little small. 

deviantART faves: Your 1st Cold Drink Killer Gilbird I did not make these! First, this one's from another artist I watch. Really cool effect. Second, a funny drawing of Gilbird. Gilbird is Prussia's pet bird. 

A lot of the guys in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei love to be abused. Kind of creepy:

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