Monday, November 15, 2010

Konseki (Nino's Solo)


By Arashi. Konseki can mean 'traces'. It's about how he feels after his lover died. He thinks he'll never move on, and things remind him of her. Sad, but beautiful.:iconchibihungaryplz:I'm usually not such a sucker for this kind of song, but this seemed a bit different. 

Today was a bit warmer. Kind of nice.:iconchibicanadaplz:Although, it was still raining. I posted a pic of Tasha on dA. Already had one person fave it!:dummy:She looks a little perturbed, though. Worked a little more on character sheets. 

Also, went to Rosie's vet appointment. She's gained a little weight in just that week we've had her. Almost 11 pounds! But, she's not fat. It's mostly muscle, and she's a bigger cat.:iconhongkongplz:Tasha makes it to around 9 to 9 1/2 pounds usually. She looks bigger, but it's all fur. Rosie seems pretty healthy. She goes in for another test and Rabies shot next month. They said it probably is kennel cough, like we thought before. They think it'll clear up on its own in about a week. She's doing better with the sneezing, so it's already improving. Smelly 'waste' is probably still the food change. It seems to be improving a bit too. She has an S tattoo on her belly.:iconseychelles-plz:Supposedly, it's a new thing with shelters to mark that she's been spayed. Interesting. When we got home she begged for more attention. I think, she thought she was going back to the shelter or something.:iconraivisplz: I edited more of the colored version of the Savory slot in Photoshop. Then, edited a bit of the Spicy slot. 

I'm now caught up with Gonzo. Now we know what that traumatic event was. I like how the portray his PTSD, and I think there may be a little Bipolar mixed in there, too. Not very many TV shows portray mood disorders so well. It's more understandable or human, not so stupid or 'crazy'. The story itself has been really interesting. After killing the suspect, Sakuma was praised as a hero, and they closed the case. But, there were still some loose ends. Apparently, Sakuma might be the one behind the Violinist's murder. So, a few people, including Kuroki, have joined together to keep investigating the case secretly.  
In Toraneko Folklore, the missing students that were saved don't remember anything about what happened. They think someone hypnotized them all, and kidnapped them. Touto calmly told Yuta and Miya what happened. They thought he was joking. The next 'case' was about something attacking people next to the PE storage shed. After they heard low howls, they were knocked down by its sharp claws, and it gnawed at them. It had bluish-white glowing eyes. Of course, Miya wants to investigate it. They find out that it seems to target people with hats. Io shows up, with what looks to be a tiny dog. (In pic.) He was also a 'charm' that came to life. Io fights with a guitar. Taro (the dog) changes into a Cerberus. Apparently, Frivelen's a Goblin. 
In Hetalia, England's still trying to escape Italy. He asks Germany if he knew how Italians act. He starts telling him, and eventually England breaks out of his cell again. Thinking he can blend in more if he follows what he heard. The pic is when Germany explains how Italians talk. Specifically, with their hands. Germany finds England, but America saves him. What gave England away, was he asked for ale with his meal. Apparently, a very English thing to do. 
In Letter Bee, it was kind of a dry story. Not as interesting, funny, or touching as it usually is. It was about a couple who are going to elope. Later, the guy finds out that he's in love with a con-woman. Niche's pissed through most of it, because Lag lied to her. The whole episode was about lies.  

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