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Yes, it's still Shavuot.:iconchibinitalyplz:Went to the Torah study Tuesday night. It was really nice. Had like a dairy feast. 2 different types of cheesecake, and other types of cheeses with crackers, quince jam (I think it was the first time I've had it), and tea (Orange Starfruit to be exact). I think there was something else, too. I just can't remember. Really good stuff.:iconitalyplz:Barely ever get to do that kind of thing, since Dad doesn't like cheese.:iconkikuplz:It was mostly just women. The hostess' husband popped in every so often at the beginning. And, stayed for the last half hour or so. Kind of sad.:iconwtfromanoplz:Most of these things have been with just women. Makes me wonder why the guys don't show up to them. I wish more of them would be more involved. Oh well, it was fun though.:iconpolandplz:

Usually, we read from the book of Ruth, some of Ezekiel, about the 10 commandments, and the harvest. A lot of stuff to cover. Perfect for studying most of the night away.:reading:It's always interesting to hear what people comment on, what some famous commentators have to say, etc. We didn't really get to Ezekiel. It's one of the most trippy, yet to me, interesting stories. I think I remember last year seeing artist renderings of his 'vision'. They were all different.:iconchibiitaliaplz:I think he was on drugs or something.:iconlovinoplz:Wednesday, I did some studying on my own. Read some of Maimonides comments on the portions. (I always forget that I have his book: 'The Guide for the Perplexed'.:la:) He's always interesting. Read a little of what my women's commentary book had as well. I don't really like it, but it was another view. I don't think I'll study more today. 

I've been feeling pretty crappy today. My head's burning up, and I feel like throwing up.:puke:Haven't yet, luckily. But, it makes it hard to do stuff. I don't know if being sick is because of stressing myself out, something I ate (had some really old roast beef for lunch yesterday:iconchibijapanplz:), being around Mom while she was sick (highly doubt it), eating too many weird things Tuesday night, or something else. Maybe it was a combo of stuff. The weather is finally normal again today. Last couple of days have been cold and rainy. So, that lightens my mood a bit.:iconnorwayfukkiretaplz:
Top pic is the best shot I got of the Zen garden at Bloedel Reserve. The guest house is behind it. The other ones, there was too much light, people were in the way, etc.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:But, this didn't turn out too bad. Second, is a really nice view from the balcony at the guest house. 

I didn't make anything new for dinner the last couple of days. Tuesday night we had leftovers. And, last night I made Zaterain's red beans and rice box mix with ground beef added. Not impressive, but good and easy. I'm not sure if I can be up for making dinner tonight. I'll try.:iconseychelles-plz:Maybe I'll make something easy like fish sticks again? 
Started another drama yesterday. This one's a pretty recent show. So, that's nice. Some of the one's I've been watching are really old. Like 7 years or so. This one reminds me a lot of Mr. Brain. Which I really loved.:love:There's a lot of differences, so it still feels fresh. It's about an impulsive detective, Segawa Rio, who gets transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Violent Crimes Division after getting shot during her previous case. She has to work with Nagumo Jun, an eccentric psychology professor. He's called in for his skills at behavioral analysis to help solve murders. They're an interesting duo. Both seem to have such 'character' so it makes it enjoyable.:iconchibihungaryplz:A lot of the time in shows, only one of the leads is really 'different' or eccentric. The actor who plays Jun is also in Shibatora. He's so good, I can barely tell it's him.:omg:Those 2 characters have totally different personalities, and he pulls it off. The lead actress is interesting too. Sounds like it has a lot of promise. Hope it keeps it up.

deviantART: Greece. Ashy Hetalia: Spain I did not make these! First, A really nicely drawn Greece from Hetalia. Second, another nicely done young Russia. A bit creepy too. Third, a cool drawing of Spain. 

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