Sunday, June 12, 2011

Make My Day


By Yui Aragaki. A fun and motivating song. Yui is a model, voice actress or seiyuu, actress, singer, occasionally a radio host, and former U-15 idol. She debuted as a singer in 2007. I like her sound. I guess I should also look for more of her songs.:iconberwaldplz:

It was somewhat cold Friday and yesterday. Today's right around normal. Yay! I'd take normal over being 5-10 degrees cooler.:iconswissplz:Today's my dad's birthday! Happy birthday to her!:party:Next Saturday, we're thinking of celebrating by going to Himalayan Chutney's buffet. They only have it during lunch time, and not on Sunday. It would be nice to try bits of their other stuff.:iconthailandplz:I'm still feeling sick, and trying not to throw up. So far I haven't. I'm hoping I'm much better tomorrow, so I can get things done.:iconchibiswedenplz:

We didn't go to services yesterday.:iconpolandplz:I was feeling too sick, and I think mom wasn't feeling very good either. Next week, we're hoping to make it to our cantor's baby's naming ceremony. That should be fun. The Friday night after that, there's a Pride Shabbat. I'm still debating whether I should go.:iconkikuplz:One of the many sponsors is Birthright Next. So, there might be some people my age. It's important to Dad, too. There's food. That's always a plus.:iconchibinitalyplz:And, I've been to the temple it'll be at. We'll see.

Finished watching Guilty on Friday. I hate to spoil it, but it's very sad. Almost a Romeo and Juliet-esque ending. Both Meiko and, I'm still unsure, Takuro die. Meiko poisoned herself, and once Takuro saw it, he immediately kissed her. And, ingested some of it as well. I was a little surprised that the person behind it all was her employer at the dog grooming shop. It seemed like a bit of a stretch and they didn't really explain it well.:iconchibijapanplz:I actually ended up liking that weird creepy reporter a lot, just as they killed him off. I could have done with a little more humor in the series. I know it's a very 'serious' situation she was in, but a little humor would have taken the edge off. I didn't quite like the acting. Even though, there's a few actors I love that were from other shows. It must have been the directing or something.:iconwtfromanoplz:I liked most of it, but it wasn't a top fave.:no:

Finished Shibatora today. I really loved this series!:love:Sad that it ended already. I was a bit surprised again, that the original onigami would be Miduki. I suspected it towards the beginning, but then she got assimilated so much into Taketora's group or family, it seemed a stretch after a while. I was starting to suspect Hokuta's new cop girlfriend. Thinking she was too nice to him. I'm glad it all worked out, and none of the characters I grew attached to, died. Everybody wanted Ochiai dead or behind bars. Even his followers. So, it wasn't a surprised that he'd be killed off. And, I guess it was even less a surprise that Miduki would kill him. He messed her father up, messed with everyone she cared about, threatened her, and was frustrated that the police couldn't really do anything about him. All in all, this was a really good series. Perfect amount of humor as well. 
Started another drama on Saturday. It's called Majo Saiban or Witch Trial. It's awesome so far! Toru is a part-time designer, and is called in as a juror in the trial of a woman who's been labeled a 'witch'. She's charged with a murder over an enormous inheritance. In this first episode half the jury immediately thinks she's guilty. It seems there's a strange organization that's starting to set up strange events, to 'influence' the jury. It feels almost as suspenseful as Bloody Monday was. I hope they can keep that up. Plus, they've somehow thrown a tiny bit of humor in. Although, it's dark humor. I like that kind of thing, so it's another plus.
Watched a Japanese movie called Ai wa Mieru or Love Sees. This was really good! It's about the lives of a blind woman who's a singer-songwriter, Juri, and her husband, Kouta, who's also blind. (He's a guitarist and masseur.) And, later, having a normal seeing baby. The couple overcomes many difficulties. She struggled, but Juri finally gets her debut. People used to push her to the side because of her disability. There were some hilarious moments, but mostly touching/trying ones. This was based off of an autobiographical novel, of the same name, by Satoko Tatemichi. I'd definitely recommend this one.

deviantART fave: Sweet melody I did not make this! Really good looking cupcakes. With very 'artsy' decorations. Music theme was nice.

A very fitting Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei AMV. It was inspired by the person seeing/hearing 3 of the openings to the series. It captures the trippiness well:

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