Monday, June 20, 2011

Russian Lullaby


By E-Type. I used to love this song.:iconseychelles-plz:But, sadly only remembered it after seeing a Russia, from Hetalia, tribute. It so fits the character, too. Didn't realize how old this song is.:iconchibijapanplz:It's from 1995. E-Type is still very active. But, seems to not be as popular anymore. His real name is Bo Martin Erik Eriksson, and he was born on August 27, 1965 in Uppsala, Sweden. For some reason this song sounds so much like what Aqua or Toy-Box would do. Just looked it up, and apparently Toy-Box did a cover.:iconusaplz:I think that was the one I'm more familiar with. (Funny how these 3 bands sound so alike...:iconnataliaplz:) But, good song anyways. Here's that Russia tribute video:

It's still colder than normal!:iconaiyaharuplz:But, I heard that the next couple of days we may reach it. I'm sorry but high 50s-low 60s, is not summer weather!:iconbrothercanadaplz:We're normally in the 70s. It's kind of frustrating. Today's American Eagle Day and World Refugee Day. 
Started Zettai Kareshi, or Absolute Boyfriend on Friday. This is hilarious!:rofl:I thought I would hate it, reading the description. But, surprisingly I was wrong. Robot maker, Kronos Heaven, finally develops the perfect male humanoid programmed to be entirely devoted and loyal to his lover. The company chooses a temp worker, Riko, to take part in a 5-day free trial. They tell her he's just like a household appliance, and she treats him like one at first. That changes when she realizes how devoted he is to her, and she ends up slowly falling for him. One of her bosses, Soshi, ends up developing feelings for her towards the end of the first episode. Kind of funny, considering she normally has such horrible luck with men.:iconheroamericaplz:That's why she filled out the company's questionnaire, and she was kind of curious. The robot, named Night, does some pretty hilarious things. It's programmed to know how she's feeling. It's actually pretty interesting. 
Started another drama, Nodame Cantabile, yesterday. I was a bit reluctant about this one, too. Another hilarious one!:dummy:This is based on a very popular manga and anime. Every character seems to have some sort of quirkiness to them. I love that type of thing. Noda, or 'Nodame', is a piano student at Momogaoka College of Music. She's very talented and wants to be a kindergarten teacher. She plays by ear, rather than reading the music score. She's very messy and disorganized, takes baths several days apart, and loves to eat. Chiaki is Momogaoka's top student. Born into a musical family, he's talented in piano and secretly wants to become a conductor. He used to live in places like Prague as a young boy. He's arrogant, a clean freak, multi-lingual, and a perfectionist. He feels trapped in Japan, because of his childhood phobia of planes and the ocean. They meet by accident, but later have to work together on a Mozart piece. And, by the end of the episode, they both learn lessons about each other and how they could improve. Yay for a music based drama!:la:That's the thing, they seemed to be pretty accurate at portraying the musicians. Like how one guy ran out of a practice room screaming because the room was too small. I've had that feeling before, and I don't play timpani.:iconwtfromanoplz:Also, how hard they practice, the music terms, everything. It was cool one of the musicians likes to play the electric violin and is more into rock than classical. Noda was actually based on a real person. She really did have a messy room. Currently she's a piano teacher in Fukuoka. 

This has made me feel like playing more. So, I think I'll make my practice time longer, and everyday. Not taking off for the weekend. Once I see this kind of thing, it's like a scratch you can't get rid of, you just have to play.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Went to services on Saturday. The baby naming was in the middle of it. He's such a cute baby!:meow:At one point he looked at the congregation with big eyes. Because of the baby naming, we had a lot more people show up than normal. It was kind of nice. The portion was about the spies or scouts coming back with their report on the land of Israel before they settled there. Kind of a sad one. I didn't quite like the rabbi's drash on it.:iconlietplz:After the service, there was a lunch afterwards. I grabbed a few things, but ate only a little and took the rest home. 

Since, we were going to celebrate Dad's b-day (a little late) at Himalayan Chutney's buffet, I didn't want to eat too much. The buffet wasn't as great as I thought it would be.:iconromanoplz:I did get to try some new things, but there wasn't much to it. Things were dried out too. I think it was the first time I've had their chai. It was really good!:iconitalyplz:

I'm doing a new thing during the weekends. The kanji from whatever article I write out during the week, I'll study them separately. Like this last weekend I studied more meanings, practiced writing, practiced making sentences, and pronunciations of: 詰  直  系  総  仕  機. I think this will be a great help to me. Plus, I can learn more about their grammar, by making those practice sentences. I'm already going over the grammar of the articles I work on, but this way I can have more practice on my own. Don't know why I didn't do this before.:iconkikuplz:

Played a little more of the Sims 2. I made a Russia character.:iconrussiarapefacepls:(Based off of Hetalia.) Some people seem to really like him, some hate his guts. He was a mascot for a soccer team for a while. Now, he's in the minor league. Haven't done the sports career track, so that should be interesting. I decided to have him all alone, kind of to work from scratch with him. I didn't know there was a social bunny. So far he hasn't appeared, but my sim's worried that it'll suddenly pop up somewhere.:iconsadrussia:I've seen happy the sad clown before, though. He's freaking creepy.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

Also, Youtube's been kind of strange with their recommended video section. There are no videos. And, no matter how many vids I watch, it still says watch a video so you can get more recommended videos. It's getting kind of annoying.:iconchibienglandplz:I liked that section. It's a good way to discover videos. I looked around online, and a lot of people said that clearing all your cookies from your computer and restarting will get it back. I did just the youtube cookies, but it was still the same. So, maybe I do have to get rid of them all.:iconwtfukplz: 

But, with just the Youtube cookies gone, I had problems getting into Ikasu Anime forum. I got kind of frustrated and accidentally clicked the facebook connect link. It made another account. And, my pic from FB was on Ikasu. It made me so much more aggravated.:iconbelaruskilleditplz:I ended up deleting the new FB connect account, and it allowed me to get my old one.  

deviantART faves: If you love deviantart... Windmill- ch2 - Page 29 Gintama- Jirocho Season meme I did not make these! First, a cute pic of a cat on a computer. Second, a page from a manga, Windmill, that one of the artists I watch created. I just love his expression. I've been reading his manga, and the characters are pretty expressive. But, this really caught my eye. Third, an awesomely done drawing of Jirocho from Gintama. I think he looked better when he was younger. Rather than the old guy he is now. Fourth, a meme where you pick your ocs clothes for each season. There was another meme like this a while back, but this seems a bit different. 

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