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Or, Russian Girl by Vlatko Ilievski. This was Macedonia's entry for Eurovision 2011. It placed 16th, but I think it should have been closer to the top.:iconkikuplz:I watched most of the Youtube vids of the contest a while ago. Did not like the song that made it to the top. It was really lame.:iconwtfromanoplz:I did like Italy's song that placed 2nd though. But, anyways, this song's about a Macedonian boy who falls in love with a Russian girl. He says he doesn't understand a word she is saying, but he would learn everything just for her. Both vodka and rakija are traditional drinks in Russia and Macedonia, and are mentioned. It's got a modern, and traditional Russian music flare. Besides Macedonian, the song was also released in 3 other languages: English, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian. There's one verse in Russian that's sung in all versions. It's a fun and interesting song. I like their music video, too. Cool how it merges and goes on to the next scene effortlessly, and then goes back.:iconchibicanadaplz:

It was somewhat cold again today. Hope it warms up soon. Just made a Japanese fish cake (kamaboko) rice medley with wasabi for dinner.:iconhappychinaplz:Added carrots and corn. The Kamaboko was a bit gummier than I expected.:iconusaplz:Next time I should add more wasabi. Again, this one was from that bento book, so I had to guess with the proportions. I'll post the pic of it tomorrow. It was colorful.

Played for an hour again. Yay!:dummy:Did some Irish, Jewish, and Duke Elington tunes. Plus, a Haydn piece. I managed to play a lot of stuff in an hour!:iconheroamericaplz:Noticed my bruise on my thumb that I used to get is back. It only happens if I go a long time in between practices, and/or I extend the practice time from whatever norm I was in. Hopefully, it'll go away soon like it usually does.:iconchibiaustriaplz: 
Just started a new manga today called Akagami no Shirayukihime or Red-Haired Snow White Princess. I usually don't like shoujo mangas. But, the art didn't seem very shoujo-ish. And, the story's kind of 'different'. Shirayuki has apple-red hair, and when a foolish prince (Raji) sees her, he immediately orders her to be his concubine. Having no where else to go, she cuts her hair and escapes to a neighboring country. While traversing through the forest, she meets a young man, Zen, who helps her after she cures his wounds. But, then he gets poisoned by an apple that was meant for Shirayuki. Raji sends a henchman to find her and bring her to him. She agrees as long as they hand the antidote to Zen. The prince doesn't give it to her when she arrives. But, Zen shows up right then. Turns out he's a prince as well. He saves her and she gets the antidote, and she goes off to live in his country. I really like this one so far.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Watched Naruto Shippuden. Really nice episode. Although, not much fighting. Kisame apparently isn't dead.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:That was just a Zetsu clone. Hana Kimi was awesome as always. The last episode Nakatsu found out that Mizuki's a girl. So, he had some pretty funny reactions to her when she was in the same room in this episode. It got even weirder for him when he had to be paired up with her for the dance competition. Since there weren't enough 'girls' for the guys. (They won!:la:) At the end, he told her that he loves her. I like him a lot more than Sano. Sano still has that woe is me attitude. And, if she tries to sympathize with him, he pushes her away. He doesn't seem as cold as he used to be at least.:iconswissplz:

Looked at a vegetable cookbook and a 'farmhouse' cookbook. The farmhouse one is more like comfort food. Interesting recipes in both. Here's some: stir-fry beef with asparagus, garden gold soup, Russian tea, chow mein casserole, macaroni casserole, savory stew, meatballs with sauerkraut, molasses pecan pie, chess pie (I think I've made this one before. Long time ago, though...:iconseychelles-plz:), Hershey pie (like a S'more pie. Sounds crazy good!), and marshmallow fudge squares. All of them sound good!:iconchibispainplz: 
Finally found a drama for my Tuesday slot. This one's called Delicious Gakuin, or Delicious Academy. It's hilarious so far. Goofy acting on purpose. Kind of like Mirai Koshi Meguru was. It's kind of fun. 3 guys with totally different personalities, from different parts of the country are kidnapped. And, they're taken to a place where they're told if they can make something 'delicious' they can eat whatever is in the room. Once they prove to them they can cook and they eat what they can, they're forced to enroll in a cooking school. (Where the kidnappers put them.) They can't leave the grounds, no matter what. One of the boys is obsessed with 'beauty'. Another is half French and half Japanese, and knows 5 languages. And, the last one seems almost like a hick, more worried about eating than anything too. The people who kidnapped them are actually teachers. One teaches Italian cooking, another French, another Chinese, and finally Japanese. The Japanese one is kind of creepy.:iconromanoplz:

deviantART fave: Andalucia I did not make this! A cool drawing of Andalucia based on Hetalia done by an artist I watch. Her stuff's amazing! Andalucia is actually someone else's oc. 

An interesting vid with the vocaloid Gakupo singing. I like his voice, it's just people make him sing weird songs. So, it's rare for me to see something decent:

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